Howdy-do Gatherers and Grand Geeks! I know, you’re used to seeing me go the rounds on my Picks of the Week but hey, this is something special that I bring to you all this week.  The weekend of May nineteenth through to the twentieth I had the pleasure of going to Comic Con Revolution in Ontario, California for the first time ever.  It is a comics based convention that is still in its bare infancy, having been established well over a year ago.  Unfortunately I hadn’t the opportunity to attend last year because, well, while I do this I also have that unfortunate daily grind that I was unable to pull away from.  Ever since that day last year I then vowed I was going to make it next year and lo and behold, I accomplished that goal this time. Another successful quest to find an obscure and local convention has been realized.  Now it is time for yours truly to break it down and give you all the good reasons for why I think you should give this con a chance.

Comic Con Revolution, or simply CCR, struck me immediately by its traditional atmosphere.  Upon first entry into the convention center, one is struck by how very much the convention seems to cater to comic fans.  Now while there are numerous venues of pop culture and entertainment to satisfy all the needs the casual con-goer may have, it is quite clear to anyone who attends this event that the great majority of its emphasis lays in comics and comics-based merchandise.  Exhibition tables and merchandise centers cater to a wide range of things such as comics, jewelry, apparel, and all things geek.  Even its artist alley center is strategically placed in such a way as to support the traditional comics atmosphere. It is a finite yet seemingly never-ending sea of comics goodness that one used to find in so many conventions that now are expanded well beyond what they once were.  With that said, CCR hearkens back to a sense of nostalgia that fans are sure to enjoy.

Another great strength of this localized convention is the accessibility of its venues and events.  The convention floor has doubled in size compared to its genesis last year.  Yet despite such growth it is still a relatively manageable venue inside the convention floor itself. Round the perimeters of exits and back doors it would seem that exhibitors, publishers and merchants take their places, while inside are specialized areas such as artist alley and writer’s tables. A perfectly appropriate medium then is established with regard to what and how many venues are represented.  But on top of that the panels are located just away from the convention center with a mere few minutes walk through a cozy vestibule that leads you straight to the rooms themselves.  Conveniently each redoubt leading to rooms has computerized screens indicating which panels will be going on throughout the day should one not be able to obtain a program of the event itself.  The event’s set up itself all spells a relative convenience for the con-goer who might find an alternative here compared to larger events.

My experience was thoroughly enjoyable when viewed in light of all this traditionalist atmosphere and convenience and accessibility.  I enjoyed being on that convention floor meandering among tables and aisles, meeting new people and talking up with good friends.  It was a joy to see other con-goers, young and old, male and female, cosplayer and non-cosplayer enjoying this extravaganza.  And though I was not an actual panelist on the four panels that we held at CCR over the weekend, I attended every one front and center without hesitation.  Along the way though I was sure to make a purchase or two and came home with some amazing comics and even a quality-made Deadpool mask.  But even more so, I came away from CCR with a real sense of accomplishment, feeling as if I was able to partake in a fledgling con-venue that has yet to reach its full potential to the public.

But it is up to all of us, fans and non-fans alike, to see that CCR continues to grow and develop. In only its second year, CCR is but a symbolic infant in a great sea of conventions and expositions that are constantly vying for our attention.  I submit to you now to give this convention a chance because of its convenient accessibility and its overwhelming reliance upon comics-based entertainment.  There may be something for everyone but Comic Con Revolution is a perfect example of how the old school continues to show a resurgence upon the convention scene.  And what’s more amazing is, especially to all you Grand Geeks in the East, the convention also has an event held in West Palm Beach, Florida. For an emerging comics event such as this, Comic Con Revolution is off to a great start!

The only question is, where are YOU going to be next year when CCR returns?  For all information relating to this convention, please go to  Get out some of your comics from your stash to get signed by your favorite writers, artists, and creators.  Put on your favorite costume and mingle among the crowd.  Get your fandom and geekdom on and join the Revolution.  But along the way, let the resounding battle cry of “GGG!” be heard loudly and proudly on the convention floor when you attend! And that, dear friends, is my occasional opinion. Huzzah!