The gang went to WonderCon this past weekend and we did something a little different. If you’ve been following our Convention shenanigans you know we like to interview people, well we put a spin on it. Instead of us asking all the questions, we wanted to get everyone in on the fun and devised a new game. Basically, we got a question from a random, unsuspecting attendee which we promptly took to another person of our choosing. We then asked him (Greg Horn in this case) that question and he got to propose the next question. We call it Interview Tag.

We were able to speak to actors, cosplayers, artists, writers, and general con-goers.

That’s just the first one where we get the party started.

How was that? Do I still have you interested? Good, because part III is all about celebrities. I know we had a few well known folks in the first two, especially if you read comics, but here’s even more coming at you in the final segment. Also, there’s a special announcement from the wonderful Ellen Dubin about a certain Star Wars title that we’re one of the first to bring you.


I hope you enjoyed these videos from WonderCon 2016. We can’t wait to play again at San Diego ComicCon in July. Stay nerdy, and GGG.