Good lord I haven’t slept in days. I mean, I usually run off of somewhere around 5.5 hours a night, but daaaaaaamn I’m sleepy this week. It’s been a hectic time prepping for Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con (formerly Comikaze), and then we also have a new episode of #PopNerd and Drink ‘n Dragons that needed to be finished and posted. I’m drained. All in time to go back to my full-time grown-up job tomorrow morning. Poop.

Anyway, I’m not hunting down the images right now because I just need to get this up and done with

134. Gladiator.

Every time I watch this movie, I always forget about everything that takes place outside of the coliseum. Also there aren’t that many fights in it, really. I mean the opening battle is fantastic, and the first fight in the coliseum is great, but then it focuses too much attention on the other characters. I just want to see Maximus school some fools in the pits. Maybe that’s why I enjoyed Spartacus: Blood and Sand so much.

135. 1408.

I decided that since October is almost done I should probably start focusing on horror movies. I saw this one had John Cusack in it, but the clench was Samuel L. Jackson. I mean, Sam Jackson in a supporting role? The script has to be awesome. It turns out that the first half of it is great, good tension and great suspense building. Actually, everything up to the climax is pretty good and thrilling, but then they decide to go for a big twist and drop the ball so fucking hard. It’s like instead of ‘dropping’ the ball, someone is actively kicking it away from them.

136. Rosemary’s Baby.

A staple horror movie, though I admit that I forgot about the Satan rape scene. That shit’s weird. Moral of the story? Don’t trust old people.

137. Ava’s Possessions.

This one is a lot of fun, definitely the best new movie of the week. It’s about a girl who’s recovering from being possessed so she is sent to state-mandated rehab. AA for possessed people. The movie isn’t big on jump scares, which makes me very happy. I always have felt that the jump scares are the easy ones, I appreciate it when a movie works for its dread. There is a twist in this movie that I don’t think is deserved, but it’s late enough and really minor enough not to affect how I feel about the film. That aside, there are some fun and disturbing moments and images peppered throughout, but it would have been nice to see Carol Kane get more screen time.

138. Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension.

Okay. I’ve seen the rest so I decided to watch this one. This clearly has the most money through into post effects, but the plot doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense. It makes me wonder how far in advance did the writers make decisions about where the franchise was going. If you’ve seen the original ending of the first movie, you know it was written to be a one-off, so when did they decide to go all Days of Future Past on this thing?

139. The Frighteners.

This is one of my favorite scary movies and my favorite Peter Jackson film (the others are just soooo long, though they are awesome…mostly). Some of the effects haven’t aged that well, and the theatrical cut is better than the Director’s Cut, but it’s a lot of fun. I love the banter that the ghosts have, and I’ve always enjoyed Michael J Fox as an actor.

140. An American Werewolf in London.

That transformation scene is a thing of beauty. The tongue in cheek aspect of this film is what sets it apart from other films. Having a porn theater full of rotting corpses brainstorming ways to kill yourself? Gold. Also that Jack puppet is legit. Watch this movie