In the quiet town of Alhambra, Indie Author Day is taking place in Reese Hall in the Civic Center Library! Tyler leads a panel with independent authors S.A. Gibson, Petrea Burchard, Michael Kogge, and past guest, Michael Tanner!



Petrea Burchard

“I’m a writer, audiobook narrator, actor, and voice actor. It may not seem like it, but they’re all intricately related, all about the voice and the story.
My books, Camelot & Vine and Act As If: Stumbling Through Hollywood With Headshot in Hand, each have their own page on the site, and you can preview their insides above. Or live dangerously: skip the formalities and purchase them here.
I hope you’ll add my blog to your regular reading. My dog, Wilma, has pretty much taken over. Her posts go up each Wednesday. ”
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‘Camelot & Vine’

“Camelot & Vine introduces Casey Clemens, a failing Hollywood actress with an honesty problem. On the day before her 40th birthday, Casey loses her job, her married boyfriend and everything else she never cared about. She hops on a plane, gets drunk and falls through a gap in time. Casey lands in the 6th century war camp of the great King Arthur, where honesty is required but absolutely not useful when you’re facing a sword. So she lies. And that’s where the danger begins.”

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S.A. Gibson

“Published author of academic articles and book chapters and post-apocalyptic “woodpunk” fiction, S.A. Gibson turns passions for learning, artificial intelligence, and human communication into accessible worlds of wonder and fascination. Author of fiction books and stories set in a future without advanced technology, which all interrelate in time and space. Living with a beautiful spouse and their beloved Dachshund-Chihuahua in Southern California, the writing continues.”
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‘Asante’s Journey’

“When Gullah family farms are being threatened library swordsman Asante must help save them. In this post-apocalyptic world of swords and soul, doing what’s right leads to unimaginable threats. Beneda, a local farmer and archer, has begun her own quest. Will Asante and Beneda join forces to save the Gullah farms?”

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There are 5 books in this current book series including: Asante’s Journey, Pratima’s Forbidden BookA Dangerous WayIn The Horde’s Way, and Feeling a Way.


Michael Kogge

Michael Kogge is a screenwriter, author, and comic book scribe living in Los Angeles. He has written for a variety of universes, from Lucasfilm’s Star Wars, Activision/Blizzard’s StarCraft, to Edgar Rice Burroughs’s Mars.
Michael’s original comic book series, Empire of the Wolf, premieres in December 2013, published by Alterna Comics. Former Marvel Comics’ editor-in-chief and longtime Conan the Barbarian writer Roy Thomas gave it high praise: “Writer/creator Michael Kogge and artist Dan Parsons have mingled fantasy and history in a way that would do Robert E. Howard proud!  I can’t wait to see the second issue!”

Michael also pens a monthly feature for the Star Wars Insider magazine.
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‘Empire of the Wolf’

During a vicious battle with the wolf-king Caradog, two Roman centurions fall victim to the werewolf’s bite. Now, as werewolves, Lucius and Canisius are cursed to relive the legendary feud between the wolf-brothers Romulus and Remus. As their hostility grows, a war erupts that will not only decide the fate of the Roman Empire, but also threatens to claim the life of the woman they both love.

The graphic novel compilation of the four issue series was created and written by Michael Kogge, with art by Dan Parsons (Game of Thrones and over 100 Star Wars comics) and David Rabbitte (Star Wars Insider), coloring by both Chris Summers (Spartacus: Blood & Sand) and David Rabbitte, lettering by Marshall Dillion (Street FighterGame of Thrones, and Green Hornet), and the cover painting by renown fantasy illustrator Doug Beekman (Wizard’s First Rule).

You can buy Empire of the Wolf on Alterna’s websiteAmazonComixology, and, most importantly, your local comic book shop!


Michael Tanner

“Born in Great Falls, Montana he kept moving west until he hit the ocean and then he went south and stopped in Los Angeles. He writes comic books and short fiction.

He has also been an improvisor and sketch comedian, as well as food blogger back when that was a thing.”
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‘Junior Braves of the Apocalypse’

“The Junior Braves of Tribe 65 return from a camping trip to find swarms of bloodthirsty mutants have overrun their town, bringing death and destruction everywhere they go! With their families missing and their homes destroyed, these plucky kids must use all their scouting talents, combined smarts, and teamwork to survive the end of the world! Also, Johnny knows how to skin a rabbit!”
Via: Oni Press

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