Tyler met amazing creator, George O’Connor, this year at San Diego Comic Con and is so excited for you to hear about all the work he has for you to enjoy. From videos, comics, music, and more. This is one East-coast creator you do not want to miss hearing about!


George likes to write. A lot. He co-created the comics HEALED and BABY with his friend and illustrator, Griffin Ess. He’s also contributed stories to various comics anthologies. On the web, he created the series 664-The Neighbor of the Beast, along with over 60 short films. And some how he also juggles playing guitar in his metal and punk rock bands.

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At 12:06am, August 22nd, the world was “healed”. After that, the only deaths were
unnatural. Man made. For all intents and purposes, humans became immortal.
This is what happens next.

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Stop me if you’ve heard this one: A cryptozoologist, a soon-to-be-retired police officer,
and a lil monster walk into Atlantic City…

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‘Great Zombies in History’

Did you ever feel like your history books were lying to you?

They were!

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After all life-threatening disease and illness are suddenly cured, a priest and his flock struggle to reconcile their faith with this new reality.

Based on the graphic novel HEALED, written by George O’Connor and illustrated by Griffin Ess.


Written and Directed by George O’Connor
Executive Producers: George O’Connor, Diana Porter, Griffin Ess
Cinematographer and Editor: Mikel J. Wisler
Music composed by Erin Murray Quinlan
Starring: Arthur Laurie as Father
Featuring: Sean Carmichael, Susan Travers, Judy Nadel, Michele Mortenson, Paula Dellatte, Drew Logan, Isabella Coulonbe, Diana Porter



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