Maddie, Jeff, and Tyler have read the comic series that was successfully funded on KickStarter: The Pros! What did they think about this very intense series? Find out!


Insurance is the industry of information. If the insurance company knows you smoke cigarettes, they’ll charge you more for life insurance. But all sorts of crazy things get insured these days. Governments carry insurance policies for risk management on terrorist attacks. Hedge funds trade derivatives off derivatives off everything.

The Pros approach volatile, unpredictable situations with a mandate to “fix” them, any way they want. But with that freedom comes responsibility. Why not use this morally dubious job to try and do some good?

Their first mission: defuse a potentially lethal standoff between federal agents and a gun worshiping cult. Can they do it without anybody dying? Can they even survive the job themselves?
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Meet the Creators

Steve Stormoen

Steve is a writer and a community organizer, because the world is made by people and people are made of stories. Previously he’s worked with the Chelsea Manning Support Network, the Lompoc Theater Project, and the Alliance for Community Trainers, and his writing has appeared in the New York Times, Huffington Post, and Burnt Bridge Review. He lives in Santa Barbara, California.

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Jelena Djordjevic

The special quality of The Pros is the balance of serious and fun, which made me learn new, gratifying stuff, like how to match dark lines and bright colors.

A self-employed comic artist from Nis, Serbia. She has published a book of illustrations Ulysses Reload in Serbia and many short comics and illustrations in various anthologies with friends all over the world (Arcadia, Memory, Broken Pieces, TV Gods, Outre).

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