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It’s out with the old myths and in with the new as a nineteen-year-old chess prodigy pulls Excalibur from the stone and becomes queen. Now, magic, romance, Fae, Merlin, and more await her! Lend her your axe as the creators of Amelia Cole start a new age of adventure! The legend of King Arthur is reimagined for today, featuring a team of characters with East Asian, African, and British heritage and diverse sexual orientations.

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The Once and Future Queen is currently available on trade paperback book at your local comic book store, Comixology, Amazon, and the Dark Horse Website.

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Who dem?!

DJ Kirkbride

Co-writer and co-creator of the acclaimed fantasy adventure series AMELIA COLE,published digitally by Monkeybrain Comics via ComiXology and in print courtesy of IDW Publishing. He wrote the cosmic space opera THE BIGGER BANG and its sequel THE BIGGEST BANG, both from IDW. He also co-wrote the Dark Horse Comics superhero mini-series NEVER ENDING and the DARK HORSE PRESENTS feature “Laser Joan and the Rayguns.” March 2017 saw the debut of his latest creation with AMELIA COLE collaborators Adam P. Knave and Nick Brokenshire: THE ONCE AND FUTURE QUEEN, a reimagining of Arthurian legend from Dark Horse Comics.
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Adam P. Knave

Adam P. Knave is an Eisner and Harvey award winning editor and writer who writes prose fiction (This Starry Deep, Stays Crunchy in Milk, Strange Angel), comics (The Once and Future Queen, Amelia Cole, Artful Daggers, stories in Titmouse Vol 2Outlaw Territory Vol 3, and many more), as well as humor essay collections (NYCWTF, I Slept With Your Imaginary Friend) and used to write columns for sites such as thefoonote, TwoHeadedCat, Comics101, PopCultureShock, Three If By Space, and MamaPop. He worked as one of the editors of Image’s Popgun anthology, also editing many other works along the way.
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Nick Brokenshire

Nick is a cartoonist and illustrator from Scotland. He now lives in the north of England with his wife. Nick is the artist for Monkeybrain and IDW’s Amelia Cole series. He’s currently working on The Once and Future Queen for Dark Horse Comics.
He can often be found playing music in his bands Los Vencidos and Blues Harvest. Two very different rockin’ combos. Both lots of fun.
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Who’s Dark Horse?

Dark Horse Comics was founded in 1986 by Mike Richardson as an offshoot of his Oregon comic-book retail chain, Things From Another World. Richardson pursued the idea of establishing an ideal atmosphere for creative professionals, and thirty years later the company has grown to become the third-largest comics publisher in the United States.

In 1980, Mike Richardson used a credit card with a two-thousand-dollar credit limit to open a comic-book store, Pegasus Books, in the small resort town of Bend, Oregon. His intention was to write and illustrate a children’s book himself while working in the store, but the business expanded, and his project was put on hold. He still plans to finish that book. As business grew, Richardson opened new retail locations in Oregon and Washington State. He soon became frustrated, however, by the lack of quality in the products he was selling, and so, using funds from his retail operation, he began his own publishing company. From the very start Dark Horse Comics was a different kind of publishing house. Writers and artists were treated as partners, an unheard-of generosity in the comic-publishing field at that time. Soon the industry’s top creators were flocking to Dark Horse, where they became involved in the publishing and marketing of their creations.
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