Maddie, Jeff, and Tyler return to The Comic Bug store to talk about Guns A Blazin’ with creators, Mike and Rafael, about their thoughts on the series! It’s a first to have the creators on for the round-table and it was absolutely fantastic. Enjoy and check out Guns A Blazin’!


Join Eduardo and Kody, two renegade cowboy time-travellers as they hop across time and space in a dimension-shifting adventure!

The series is available in both locations of The Comic Bug (Manhattan Beach and Culver City) and Hi Dee Ho Comics!

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About the Creators


Mike Wellman:

Mike Wellman is the co-creator of Guns A’ Blazin’! and co-owner of The Comic Bug.
Past credits include Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, World of Warcraft, Cyborg 009 and much more! He’s also the creator of Mac Afro and Gone South.
He loves cheese, cabernet and rock n’ roll!

Rafael Navarro:

Born in 1967 in Sonora, Mexico, and raised in California since 1969, Rafael called the city of Bell Gardens his home, a distinction he shares with the rock ‘n roll legend, Eddie Cochran. At an early age he discovered his love for comics, as it encouraged him to read more, and began the fueling of his burgeoning imagination.
His earliest reading assignments began with newspaper strips ranging from Sagendorf’s “Popeye”, “The Phantom”, as well as spanish reprints of “Phantomas” and “Steve Canyon” and “Blondie”. Ultimately Rafael’s tastes matured with the likes of “Captain America”, “The Fantastic Four” and from Mexico, “Kaliman”. During this time Rafael began to take note of comic greats, Frank Robbins and Jack Kirby. In addition, local illustrators like NC Wyeth (at the neighborhood library) and Jesus Helguera (from the meat market) became contemporary influences.
Breaking into mainstream comics in 1990, and went on to video game animation and design in 1994. Since 1996, Rafael has self-published the Xeric Award winning comic SONAMBULO. He is currently working as a storyboard artist in the field of television animation.

Mike can be found on Facebook and Twitter, through The Comic Bug, and on Instagram. Check out Rafael’s website and Instagram for more on him and his updates!


About the Bug:

“We opened in June 2004, taking over the location from the previous store. With a little work (actually a lot) we transformed the store into the cool local comic book store where it’s fun to hang out. We created more space, remodeled, added more merchandise, placed a couch and chairs, added music and brought in some exotic sodas. We carry all the mainstream titles with a large selection of independents (we support small publishers!). We firmly believe your comic book shop should be fun, carry diverse merchandise, have knowledgeable staff and encourage discussion in all aspects of the comic medium. So come in and give us a try! We are here to serve!”
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There are two locations, Culver City (4267 Overland Ave., Culver City, CA 90230) and Manhattan Beach (1807 Manhattan Beach BLVD, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266). More info can be found on the siteFacebookTwitterYouTube, and Instagram!

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