It’s Wondercon 2016! Ring in the Easter fun as we hunt for the grand eggs, or interviews in our case! We interview on this epic weekend: Matt Hawkings from Top Cow, Joe Harris from Image, artist Jed Thomas, and the hilarious Wannabe Press!


JOE HARRIS is the creator and writer of myriad comics and graphic novels such as the hit Image Comics environmental sci-fi series, Great Pacific, and the fan-favorite, monthly paranormal investigations of Agents Mulder and Scully in The X-Files: Season 11 for IDW. As a young creator at Marvel Comics, Joe launched the cult-classic Spider-Man spinoff,Slingers and the Bishop: The Last X-Man series. He has written for just about all major comics publishers and characters including DC Comics, Dark Horse and others.
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For more info on Joe, check out here on his Image work where you can buy digital copies of his work!
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Russel Nohelty is the publisher, writer, and consultant for Wannabe Press! Wannabe Press creates comics, novels, and kid’s books for rebellious weirdos with a voracious appetite for words!
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Jed Thomas is a well rounded, multi-talented prolific artist and illustrator from the sunny coast of Orange County, California who can turn a blank page into something so radical with a touch of magic. Ranging diverse and vibrant skills in both traditional and digital art techniques, Jed will take you on a crazy wild ride in this visual media world. Jed has offered and shared his passion in illustration and design for a range of great mainstream clothing companies, bands, comics, toy companies, films and many other things and departments where art and design are greatly involved. Jed is also the sole Owner, Creative Director and Founder of his own art company and brand, THE BAT COMES OUT TONIGHT – which provides a wide range of artistic services, commission works as well as premium apparel
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Bernard Chang is an artist/designer best known for his work in the comic book industry and entertainment design. He started drawing comics professionally in 1992 and under the tutelage of the legendary Bob Layton. Within his first year, was voted onto the prestigious Wizard: The Guide to Comis ‘Top Ten Artists List’ for working on ‘The Second Life of Doctor Mirage’ from Valiant Comics.
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Bernard Chang is working on the Bruce Lee series from our good friends at Darby Pop Publishing!

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Matt Hawkins is a writer, physicist, social media maven and all around swell guy, Matt Hawkins has published over 1,000 comic books in his 20 year career at Image Comics and Top Cow and created and/or written many including Think Tank, Aphrodite IX, The Test, Alibi, Necromancer and Lady Pendragon and despite producing TV series, feature films and video games still considers himself to be a comic book dude.
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Matt Hawkins is currently working on Symmetry, IXth Generation, and The Tithe from TopCow/Image! Click here to buy digital copies or check your local comic book store!

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