ShadowZone Synopsis:

SHADOWZONE tells the story of KANDORA and CORINA, two sisters separated by years and distance after the tragic day their parents were killed. Kandora was kept behind in the kingdom of SAGONNA under the watchful eye of the warlord IREK, who established himself as her protector and Regent, while Corina was spirited away to grow up under the guidance of ANON, a Monk of the Qi-on (Way of the Rising Spirit).

Kandora has been touched by the corruption of the Kiv, which drives her to try to find the missing peace within herself, a path that will put her in direct conflict with Corina. Crystal lance meets martial arts as the two battle for the fate of Baydera.
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About the Author

Ryan Odagawa

It’s been more than 15 years since Ryan started pencilling in the comics business. His dream job came true at the end of 1994 when he met Sarah Becker, who was an editor for his favorite comic at the time, Gen 13, which he eventually was able to draw in Wildstorm cards and comics.

He met her at a convention and then in early 1995 was offered an internship in San Diego at the prestigious Homage Studios (aka Wildstorm), home of the cream of the crop artists, Jim Lee, J. Scott Campbell, Travis Charest, among many others.

Ryan eventually moved on to a staff position there and worked on various projects, one of which he is most proud…Savant Garde. It was the first full comic and series he had ever done. Fortunately, he was able to put his two cents in and include characters he had created and story ideas he helped formulate with writer Barbara Kesel.

Since then, he has had the pleasure of working with Marvel Comics, Aspen Comics/NBC, Sony Computer Entertainment America and many more.

He has worked on the artwork for the Heroes Online Graphic Novel for Aspen Comics/NBC. Most notably, he illustrated Chester Cheetah on the current CHEETOS bags and redesigned the main frog characters for LEAP FROG.  He also was one of the colorists for WORLD OF WARCRAFT: PEARL OF PANDARIA, which reached #3 on the New York Times Hardcover Graphic Novel list in October 2012.   Recently he was a Storyboard Revisionist on the Ultimate Spiderman cartoon (Season 3)

In the past few years, Ryan has been developing his own original properties including Shadowzone, Gutterpunks, and Toby n’ Friendz. Most of which have been slowly brewing in his mind. He wants to make sure the stories he wants to tell are as close to his vision as possible.

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