Hello indie comic fans! We have Albert from Who What Where’s Why guest starring on this special episode! Join Jeff, Albert, and Tyler as they discuss Fuzzy Joseph’s ‘The Warren Hope!’ To read the first 2 issues FOR FREE click here!



This show focuses on small and big indie comics that are either being made, raising funds, or published. We are so happy to focus on this book this month and really believe you will enjoy this story as well.


The Warren Hope synopsis:

The Warren Hope is a study. How we deal with loss, hope, fear, and trust. All this from the point of view of Clara, a young woman who went from taking care of children to being a survivalist, fight for her life and the lives of others.

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Scott “Fuzzy” Joseph grew up drawing on every surface he could find.
From the art classes his parents enrolled him in as a youth, to his BA in Fine Art from California State University of Bakersfield, Fuzzy has continued to work with his first love, drawing.
Fuzzy spends his free time working on publishing his own comic books and drawing with his children.
Fuzzy continues to work on freelance illustration and painting work while he teaches High School Art in Kern County.
He is most proud of his wife and two daughters that Bless him every day. Of all the titles he goes by, “Daddy” is his favorite.

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