We have had them on many times and we can’t get enough of them. Kevin and Victor join Tyler and Ashley for our comic of the month: Man vs. Rock!





Vol 4 Man vs Rock


If you love high taxes and were impressed with the Brazilian soccer team’s performance at this year’s World Cup, you’ll love Man vs. Rock! Join renowned, homeless geology professor, Buck Stone, on his quest to stop the ultimate threat to humanity–Rocks! Ummm … Rocks?

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So far there are 5 single issues or a volume that collects them available in physical form! There will be more adventures of Buck Stone, but when you are done reading the story, there is a lot more in store for you.

Spidey Print

You can purchase Man vs. Rock on their website (support these guys directly), Comixology, or Goodreads.com!

Don’t want to read right away? Fine. Here is Buck’s State of the Union address:

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The Man vs. Rock website is a fantastic way to get into the comedy of the book, buy merchandise, watch videos,  and what is really amazing is their own video game.

Here is the trailer for the Buck Hates RPGs game trailer:

The game is available for PC and Mac and can be downloaded here! We will have a play through of the game out soon!

To find more information on Man vs. Rock, check out their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube!

Again, to buy Man vs. Rock, you can go to their website (to support these guys directly), Comixology, or Goodreads.com!

Lastly, going to any cons this year? Look out for MvR at these cons and get to know them. They are amazing guys!

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