IndiComix has chosen Darby Pop’s Indestructible as it’s focus for April! Last episode we interviewed Jeff Kline and now it is time for our round-table discussion.This week Chris, Tyler, and your host Jeff will be talking about what they thought about the first volume of the comedic super hero book.


Meet Greg Pincus — the planet’s brand-spanking-newest Superhero. One small problem: Greg is neither super, nor particularly heroic. But, he sure enjoys the perks that come with the job. Can Greg survive in a celebrity-obsessed world that wrongly believes he’s indestructible? Jeff Kline (Transformers: Prime, G.I. Joe: Renegades) explores this comedic take on a reluctant hero, and contemplates what is required to be considered “special” in a world where fame can come and go faster than a speeding bullet.

WRITERS: Jeff Marsick, Ken Kristensen  ARTISTS: Chris Johnson , Giancarlo Caracuzzo, Javier Garron   COVER ARTISTS: Bernard Chang, Jeff Langevin, Jose Lopez  LETTERERS: Patrick Brosseau, Troy Peteri  COLORISTS:Doug Sirois, Flavia Caracuzzo, Zac Atkinson  FOUNDER OF DARBY POP PUBLISHING, WRITER: Jeff Kline  MANAGING EDITOR: Renae Geerlings  INKER: Salvi Garcia

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Indestructible is a 10 issue series that has 2 trade paper back volumes available now on their store, Comixology, or Nook Books.

About Darby Pop Publishing:

Darby Pop Publishing was founded in 2013 by multiple Emmy Award winning writer/producer Jeff Kline (TRANSFORMERS: PRIME, G.I. JOE RENEGADES, JACKIE CHAN ADVENTURES) as an outlet for high-concept, high-quality visual storytelling.  Kline recruited talent from a small circle of friends — writers and artists with whom he’d worked in both live-action and animation — by asking: “Have you ever had an idea you were convinced would make a killer comic book?”

Darby Pop began as IDW’s first creator-owned imprint.

via Darby Pop

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