Tyler, Jeff, and Marcelous talk to Tim, the Poe-riffic creator of this new noir comic series available now!


Over a century before Hollywood explored the dark underbelly of society, Edgar Allan Poe was a master of murder, madness, and mayhem. POE NOIR blends this lineage of dark Americana together with a film noir twist. This graphic anthology takes Poe’s tales and sets them in new times and places, with new perspectives, but always staying true to the heart and soul of the legendary Poe.

(Via Tim Zajac)
To purchase Poe Noir, go to IndyPlanet, Comixology, or go to Hi De Ho Comics or Earth-2 Comics.
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About the Creator

Tim Zajac

Tim Zajac started reading comic books at an early age, in part because his mother needed a way to keep him quiet at the grocery store. Comic books showed him worlds where being different was not only accepted but celebrated, something that remains important to him to this day. Among his earliest influences were the X-book runs by Claremont, Lobdell, Nicieza, and Peter David, and Archie’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures series, written by the enigmatic Dean Clarrain. Tim has long been a storyteller, whether it be on the comic book page, the stage, or the screen. His short films have screened in festivals around the world, and under his direction, a myriad of new plays have been brought to life. Tim has served as an assistant editor on television series, a video production coordinator, an educator, and a musician, where he spent years providing videography, logistics, and merchandising support for an internationally-touring drum and bugle corps. POE NOIR is his long-gestating project that has found a home in comics, resulting from his love of film noir and Edgar Allan Poe. Born and bred in Chicagoland, this passionate and seasoned traveler now makes his home in Los Angeles.

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