Maddie and Tyler talk to Sully about his current Kickstarter ‘NIL’! This comic brings dinosaurs and humans together like never before!



Nil is the story of the despondent survivor of a lost tribal nation battling his anger and grief as he integrates into modern society with his dinosaur companion. This Kickstarter is to finish and self-publish the first of four, twenty-four page issues.


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Aaron ‘Sully’ Sullivan


Aaron Sullivan (sometimes “Sully”) is a comic author from central Mississippi who is currently self publishing independent series such as Odie and NIL under the personal imprint “Small Scale Studios.” A lifelong fan of telling stories, Aaron shifted his focus towards scripting comics in 2015 and has never looked back. He works to create concise and impactful tales that leverage absurdist twists and live by “the rule of cool” above all else.

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