Tyler returns for this one episode to talk about a really awesome comic that is on Kickstarter RIGHT NOW! Tyler talks to Jon Weshoff of Part-Time Comix about Kickstarter, creating comics, and rebuilding a publishing company!



C.P.S. was co-created by ten-year collaborators- Bobgar Ornelas and Jon Westhoff. Originally part of a series of shorts (published as “Mendicant” and a FCBD anthology with King Bone Press), Bob and Jon are teaming up to bring Connie’s first full length story to print. The book will combine the 2 short “origin” stories and a brand-new 26 page tale, with a pin-up by the amazing Bryan Boles, for a 44 page fully colored monstrously over-sized book. This will be the first book from the new publishing company Part-time Comix. This is a one-shot comic, and while there may be lingering questions that we hope will intrigue our readers, this is a complete story.

Connie is a social worker by day. She has clients to see and tedious paperwork to never be caught up on. She also has a special talent and advanced training in removing and preventing demonic possessions in children. That’s also during the day.
It’s at the same job. Connie Dhar is burnt out and not just because she works in social services. The heat at her day job is only getting worse as incidents become more intense and her personal life goes to hell.

Please support the Kickstarter campaign for CPS until February 20!

Jon Westhoff – Series co-creator, Jon also scripted and letters the 43 pages of Connie’s story. He has been creating and publishing comics for over  a decade, with 7 successful crowd funding campaigns.