Maddie and Andrea step into Malissa’s dream to talk about her new Kickstarter for her comic “Nightmare” that is live until Halloween 2020! We are so excited to talk about this comic that was based on an actual nightmare from Malissa. Find out more below!

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NIGHTMARE follows Lucinda “Luz” Padilla as she discovers her recurring nightmares are actually alternative realities. When news of a fire at a hospital breaks, and her fellow Sleepyheads (the unwilling participants in a twisted sleep study) start going missing, Luz’s recurring nightmares resurface and wreck havoc on her relationship, job, and sobriety. With her girlfriend Kara Williams, Luz finds herself face to face with the past she can no longer ignore, and in a nightmare she can no longer escape.
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Malissa White

MALISSA WHITE is an indie comic creator and author from Los Angeles, CA. Her first comic, Soundbox, is out with Kamikaze Animated. She loves bringing black and brown women to the forefront of horror, science fiction and fantasy, drinking coffee, and accepting Grammy awards for her shower albums. Okay, maybe too much coffee. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter or on Facebook at Malissa White.