Hello Indi lovers! We have the amazing Dave Baker on talking about his career and his comic Action Hospital!

Action Hospital


Action Hospitals is the story of Joan Michelle Basquiat as she attempts to defend the eponymous Action Hospital against cave-dudes from the distant past, time traveling gondolier-themed assassins, a human-shark clone of Abraham Lincoln, and a demon with 9 and 3/4th heads. Action Hospital is a collaborative comic written by Dave Baker and drawn by Dave Baker, Robert Negrete, Clay Murrell, Nicole Goux, and friends.

You can find more about Action Hospital on it’s website! To purchase the comic, you can find it on Dave Baker’s website!

Dave Baker

Dave Baker, originally from the drug-infested wasteland that is Arizona, lives in Los Angeles. He has a degree in Visual Communications with an emphasis in Illustration. Logically, he makes a living as a writer. Dave has written comic books and ‘the’ moving pictures. Dave also enjoys talking about himself in the third person, playing air guitar, and taking long walks around his studio apartment.

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