Maddie and Andrea talk to Ryan Little about his current Kickstarter and series, The Ax Man. Check it out and listen in!

The Ax Man

There are more people on this planet than ever before. Thanks to the miracles of technology, our civilizations are mixing unlike ever before. But something else grows alone with us. Viruses. Pathogens. Pandemics. And they’re evolving faster than we can keep up with. That’s why a shadow section of CDC is tasked with monitoring any and all medical data in the USA to identify and cure newly evolving viruses before a plague can start. But if a cure can’t be found? Enter the Ax Man. A lethal hitman tasked with killing patient zeroes before the outbreak can spread. Jason is a world class Ax Man, facing the nastiest sicknesses life can throw his way. He alone confronts illnesses with no hope for a cure. But as the diseases begin happening faster, it becomes abundantly clear the true fight has only just begun.

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Art by: Briane Andan
Colors by: Yuri Pinzon
Letters by: Nikki Powers
Edited by: Cody Coulombe

Plastic Sword Press

Plastic Sword Press is the imprint under which Ryan Little publishes all his crowd sourced comics. Real swords are for hacking your foe to bits. Like their namesake, Plastic Sword comics are about finding the hero and grandeur hiding in all of us.

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Ryan Little

Ryan has been publishing comics for the last two years in anthologies such as Alterna Press’ Steam Punk Originals, Santa’s Favorite Tales, and, most recently, Death Saves. His focus is on high concept, amblin-esq adventures that combine a sense of emotional realism with a hefty dose of grandeur

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