Cthulhu is coming back with a vengeance and you better know how to spell it’s name! We have this Kickstarter-runnner, Russell Nohelty, and creators Don Nguyen and Mike Korpi on this week as they talk about the current project live on Kickstarter until March 26th, 2020! Back it now!

Do you love Lovecraft? 

Did you enjoy our first volume of Cthulhu is Hard to Spell

Are you itching to return to the world of Lovecraft’s gods and monsters with us?

If so we’re back again for the second volume of Cthulhu is Hard to Spell, featuring everything you loved about the first volume, with even more Lovecrafty goodness.

These books are our love letter to Lovecraft fans of all kinds, from those that obsess about Cthulhu, to the ones that never want to leave Arkham, to the ones that keep a copy of the Necronomicon under their pillow, and everyone in between. Whether you are a casual fan or a rabid one, we’ve got you covered.

The second volume features stories by Paul Jenkins (Spider-Man) and Tony Donley (Grimm’s Fairy Tales), Ray-Anthony Height (Wakandaverse), Christian Gossett in his FIRST comic book art duties since The Red Star years ago, and a fantastic cover by Aaron Alexovich (Invader Zim).

In total, over 70+ creators contributed 38 incredible stories to this 160-page hardcover collection, and the results are pretty mindblowing.

Plus, the first anthology is a 176-page hardcover collection featuring 35 amazing stories from 70 more creators, featuring stories by Lea Hernandez (Teen Titans Go) and Megan Hutchinson (Will o’ the Wisp).
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Wannabe Press is a small press than makes weird books for weird people.
It specializes in science fiction and fantasy novels and graphic novels filled with humor,
death, loss, grief, monsters, and mayhem.

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About Russell Nohelty:

Russell Nohelty is a USA Today bestselling author, publisher, and speaker. He runs Wannabe Press (www.wannabepress.com), a small press that publishes weird books for weird people. Russell is the author of many novels, including Sorry for Existing, Invasion, The Vessel, and My Father Didn’t Kill Himself, along with the creator of the Ichabod Jones: Monster Hunter, Gherkin Boy, Pixie Dust, and Katrina Hates the Dead graphic novels. He also edited the Monsters and Other Scary Shit and Cthulhu is Hard to Spell anthologies, which both raised over $25,000 on Kickstarter. To date, Russell Nohelty has raised over $100,000 on Kickstarter across eight projects.
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Don Nguyen

Don Nguyen is a UCLA alum and Los Angeles-based freelance illustrator. He  runs  a  daily  sketchblog  called  “Nguyening  It!”  that  follows  the  course  of  his  career  and development  as  an  artist  since  leaving  the  RAND  Corporation.  He  has  done  commercial illustration, sculpture work, storyboarding, character designs, concept work, comics, and is probably best known for needle-felting a Star Wars AT-AT (as seen on BoingBoing.net under his etsy moniker “famished”) and basket-weaving a Sherman Tank that sat atop a grass cube as  part  of  a  collaboration  for  the  old Sunset  Boulevard  Art  Park.  In addition to Siren’s Song, Don just released his mini-comic The Adventures of Jupiter the Space Pug, his first sketchbook and is currently working on a couple creator-owned projects.

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Mike Korpi

Originally from Boston, Mike earned his bachelor’s degree in Film Production from the University of Miami with a second major in Art and a minor in Theater.
He studied editing at Video Symphony in Burbank, and screenwriting at Twin Bridges Screenwriting Salon in Sherman Oaks under Joe Bratcher and Judy Farrell.
Mike’s education in film production has helped with setting up scene prose, Theater Arts has helped with dialogue and character arcs, and Editing has helped with pacing and transitions.
Mike lives in Los Angeles, and is currently working at The Jim Henson Company in Hollywood.

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