Maddie, Jeff, and Sylvia went to the chapel in David Pepose’s Going to the Chapel. What did they think?! Find out!


It was the wedding from Hell — and that was before the bank robbers showed up. What do a conflicted bride, her dysfunctional family, a gang of Elvis-themed crooks, and one relentless sheriff have in common? They’re all about to discover love is the ultimate hostage situation.
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David Pepose

former crime and politics reporter, David Pepose is the Ringo Award-nominated writer of SPENCER & LOCKE, SPENCER & LOCKE 2, GOING TO THE CHAPEL, and GRAND THEFT ASTRO. Having begun his career at DC Comics before serving as the reviews editor at the Eisner Award-winning comic book news site Newsarama, Pepose has gone on to work for companies including CBS, Netflix, and Universal Studios. A St. Louis native and an ex-New York City transplant, Pepose now lives with his brilliant girlfriend and their rambunctious terrier in Los Angeles, where he works in the TV and film industry.

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The Action Lab is a group of mad scientists who collectively have over 25 years of comic book creating experience.  After slaving in obscurity and alone for lo, these many years, these quasi-evil geniuses have now gathered together from around the globe to form a secret research and development collective devoted to world domination through the purification of the comic book art form.  The Action Lab has sworn to use its powers for a single purpose — to bring the world the most action packed, most thought-provoking, most entertaining comics available, thereby ushering in a new age of world peace under the dominating yet benign control of the Action Lab.

Their first major release, FRACTURE, was released in July 2011 followed by the now two-time Eisner nominated and five-time Glyph nominated PRINCELESS in October 2011. Action Lab continues to publish genre spanning comics from the all-ages MONSTERS ARE JUST LIKE US, and mature reader books like SNOWED IN and DOUBLE JUMPERS.
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