We are back in full swing and this month covering The Sequels from Fanbase Press with Norm Harper and the amazing artists Val Halvorson and Bobby Timony!


Remember the ‘80s? Avery, Gwen, Russell, and Dakota will never forget. As children, they each experienced unique adventures . . . saving the life of a sentient robot, partying with an intergalactic alien, battling the likes of vampires and werewolves, and defeating a nightmarish monster to protect imagination itself. Now, 30 years later, they’re directionless adults, still obsessed with their pasts. When a mysterious figure brings the group together to cope with their experiences, will they be prepared to live out the “sequels” to their childhood adventures?

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Meet the Creators

Photo credit: Jeff Katz

Norm Harper

Norm Harper is a creator whose previous works include the YA graphic novel, Haphaven, and the Eisner-nominated Rikki. He lives in Los Angeles, CA, with his wife and their giant LEGO collection. He can probably remember the lyrics to more Saturday morning cartoon theme songs than you can.

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Val Halvorson

Val Halvorson is a comic book artist and illustrator based in the vast cornfields of Illinois. They have worked on various comic anthologies that are coming out later this year and the 4 issue series, The Sequels, from Fanbase Press. Val primarily does all of their artwork completely digitally and is married to the CTRL-Z hotkey (and their husband). In addition to illustrating, they also like to write comics and they are not kind to their characters. In their spare time, they consume a ton of horror media, listen to metal music with lots of swears, and occasionally make costumes.

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Bobby Timony

New Jersey born artist Bobby Timony’s career in professional art started with some of America’s top advertising agencies – including Bates Advertising, JWT, and BBDO, where he drafted storyboards for M&M, Campbell’s Soup, and Gillette.
In 2007, Bobby, along with his collaborator and twin brother Peter, debuted his paranormal detective webseries “The Night Owls” with DC Comics. In 2009, “The Night Owls” was nominated for multiple Harvey Awards for Best New Series and Best Online Series, and earned Bobby a nomination as the Best New Talent. When the print edition of “The Night Owls” debuted in 2010, the book received a Lulu nomination for Best Female Character and a Cybil Award nomination for best Young Adult Graphic Novel. His work has been featured on MTV, Comic News Insider, Publishers’ Weekly, and The Examiner. In 2015 he won an Independent Book Publisher’s Award Gold Medal for his work on Monster Elementary.
Bobby has also drawn The Simpsons for Bongo Comics, and his own Goblin Hood at Comixology.

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We love Fanbase Press and you will too! Check out their website for some great articles, fantastic podcasts, audio dramas, and so much more!

Official Fanbase Press mission statement:

Founded in 2010, Fanbase Press (www.fanbasepress.com) is a comic book publisher and an online community supporting other creators and fans through daily reviews, interviews, and podcasts that span the pop culture spectrum. Fanbase Press seeks to provide an outlet for up-and-coming artists and writers with a desire to create new works and media. By facilitating in-house collaborations and providing support and empowerment, Fanbase Press hopes to enable the production of professional and marketable creator-owned works.

The company’s graphic novels, Something Animal, Identity Thief, The Arcs, Fearworms: Selected Poems, and Penguins vs. Possums.

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