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So, I made mention in my Core Set 2021 review that my least favorite colors are red and green. So here is the deck tech for my big dumb stompy red/green Godzilla EDH deck!

The List:

The Commander:

1x Godzilla, King of the Monsters (Zilortha, Strength Incarnate)

The Big G-man himself, our boy needs no introduction. Godzilla as a Magic card. For as awful as 2020 has been, there were at least some positives to come out of the trash fire and this epic crossover is certainly one of them. For a mere 5 mana (3 of any color plus one red and one green) you get a big ol’ stompy 7/3 with trample that comes with a very unique effect stapled onto it. While traditionally damage would need to be dealt to your creatures equal to or in excess of their toughness in order to kill them, Godzilla flips things around and makes it so that damage must be dealt to your creatures equal to or in excess of their POWER in order to take ’em down. That makes our commander a virtual 7/7 with trample for only 5 mana. Not too shabby eh? Now unfortunately there really aren’t that many creatures that you can take much advantage of this ability with naturally and most that can honestly just aren’t very good, I’ve seen way more “ball lightning tribal” decklists made with Godzilla at the helm and that’s just a really bad way to make use of him (those things are still dying at the end of the turn without jumping through hoops and it just isn’t worth it). Instead, this is just straight up stompy stompy smash smash with a few ways to cheat out some serious fatties and things that make them hit extra hard.


10x Mountain

9x Forest

1x Castle Embereth

1x Castle Garenbrig

1x Mosswort Bridge

1x Wooded Foothills

1x Stomping Ground

1x Cinder Glade

1x Fire-Lit Thicket

1x Spire Garden

1x Game Trail

1x Command Tower

1x Kessig Wolf Run

1x Bonders’ Enclave

1x Reliquary Tower

1x Homeward Path

Pretty basic list. We’re in green so we run a relatively low land count and plenty of basics for us to fetch using our ramp spells. Fairly standard dual land setup for a relatively budget (i.e. no original duals) build. Command Tower is, of course, a staple for any multicolored deck. Our utility lands this time around are Kessig Wolf Run (which probably should have been included in a later section but whatever), which allows us to pump up one of our beaters in addition to giving them trample. Bonders’ Enclave is an easy mana sink that can draw us a card as long as we have a creature on board (there’s nothing in our deck that doesn’t turn it on). Reliquary Tower, just in case we do happen to have a grip of cards we rather not discard. Homeward Path, in a deck with this many desirable targets for theft, having a way to get them back is incredibly important. Castle Garenbrig provides a little boost in mana to help power some dudes out. Castle Embereth isn’t the biggest pump in the deck, but sometimes pushing just a little bit extra through can make the difference. Mosswort Bridge is incredibly easy to turn on and can cheat out something juicy at just the right time.


1x Nature’s Lore

1x Farseek

1x Rampant Growth

1x Cultivate

1x Nissa’s Pilgrimage

1x Kodama’s Reach

1x Traverse the Outlands

1x Sol Ring

1x Arcane Signet

1x Talisman of Impulse

1x Gruul Signet

1x Leafkin Avenger

1x Goreclaw, Terror of Qal Sisma

1x Nylea, Keen-Eyed

1x Domri, Anarch of Bolas

Again, pretty standard ramp package for a green deck. Nature’s Lore and Farseek allow us to grab either of our fetchable dual lands while the rest can pull out basics. Traverse is especially solid in a deck where the lowest power is 4 and we often have something with at least 7 power on board so it ramps us pretty hard. The usual mana rocks for a two-colored deck. Leafkin is about as close as this deck gets to a “mana dork” as it still falls under the “4+ power” subtheme I have built into the list. He can tap for quite a bit and even comes with his own mana sink that can cause some serious damage later in the game. Goreclaw is one of the best cost reduction cards in the deck, once she’s on board all of our other creatures (because again, nothing in the deck has less than 4 power) cost 2 less to cast and get a variety of other benefits from her during combat. Nylea is just a good flat reduction that can become a very hand indestructible beater (or blocker) if our devotion is high enough. Domri gives a buff to our creatures, acts as a mana rock that makes our creatures uncounterable and can be used for removal should we need to do so. He also tends to draw most aggro towards him because everyone just sees a planeswalker and attacks it so that’s sort of a bonus since they ain’t swinging at us.


1x Ram Through

1x Beast Within

1x Barrier Breach

1x Krosan Grip

1x Subterranean Tremors

1x Hour of Devastation

1x Hull Breach

1x Kogla, the Titan Ape

1x Gargos, Vicious Watcher

1x Terastodon

1x Apex Altisaur

1x Klothys, God of Destiny

1x Gruul Ragebeast

1x Sarkhan’s Unsealing

1x Chandra’s Ignition

So, no counterspells here (sadface) but we do have a very solid variety of control options here for things once they do hit the board (or graveyard). Ram Through is a one-sided fight effect that, should our creature have trample (and most of them will) it can deal excess damage to the controller of the creature it just squashed under foot. Beast Within is incredibly versatile, able to hit any permanent on the board. Krosan Grip is a staple for green decks in a format where being able to stop a combo without giving the combo player the ability to respond is essential to survival. Barrier Breach is great value, able to hit up to three enchantments at once and exiling them allows you to get rid of otherwise hard to remove Theros Gods. Subterranean Tremors is a scalable effect, something a I am a big fan of, and can remove both creatures and artifacts and even leave us with a big fat lizard token should we have enough mana to dump into it. Hour of Devastation is a very solid wipe that also deals with indestructible creatures, something we otherwise struggle against. Hull Breach is again versatile and provides good value in being able to remove up to two troublesome cards.

Kogla can immediately remove an opposing creature upon entering the battlefield and being able to destroy artifacts and enchantments on ATTACK (you don’t even have to connect with anyone) is very useful. Gargos discourages opponents from targeting our stuff while also providing a very strong (and vigilant) body on its own. Terastodon is an old green staple that can devastate an opponent (or opponents) early on or even provide us with a few bodies if we really need them for blockers or other shenanigans. Apex Altisaur is probably my favorite green wrath effect, you do need to think and do some math to get the most out of it and sometimes it does just end up hitting the board, killing a bunch of dudes and then dying from all the fighting, but in these colors that’s not a bad way to use your mana sometimes, and if it does stick around..that’s a big body that can live to fight again. Klothys is our grave hate of choice. Not necessarily as effective a deterrent as something like Tormod’s Crypt or Relic of Progenitus but she provides a (potential) solid, indestructible body and some extra utility in being able to provide mana or some extra damage and life gain based on what we decide to exile with her. Gruul Ragebeast is just a very strong, repeatable fight effect that can turn any creature in our hand into a removal spell. Sarkhan’s Unsealing is a bit of a sleeper card I think, very underappreciated. I hadn’t even heard of it prior to looking through stuff to put this deck together and it has become a serious powerhouse, a real “remove on sight” card in my playgroup. Four damage is nothing to sneeze at and I run enough big bodies in here that I get the stronger of the two triggers pretty frequently. Repeatable wraths are a big deal. Chandra’s Ignition can be a wincon all on its own, it’s as strong as the strongest body on our board and we very frequently have the biggest body amongst the table.

Card Draw:

1x Rishkar’s Expertise

1x Garruk’s Packleader

1x Garruk’s Uprising

1x Greater Good

So we’re not running a ton in terms of pure card advantage here, but we do run mostly repeatable effects. Rishkar’s Expertise can draw us a ton of cards at once and has the added value of letting us play any 5 cost (or less) spell from our hand for free, which can lead to some real blowouts if we already had something noteworthy in hand or happened to draw into something. Garruk’s Packleader is a solid enough body that draws a card off of any creature we put into play (again, we don’t run anything under 4 power). Likewise, Garruk’s Uprising also draws off of any creature we happen to play, can draw a card itself if we already have something on the board AND gives all of our creatures trample. For only three mana this card is absolutely nuts. Greater Good is more an insurance policy than anything, if something is about to eat removal or trade unfavorably we can cash it in for a bunch of cards. Or if we really need to start digging, it’s a good way to do so.


1x See the Unwritten

1x Finale of Devastation

1x Ilharg, the Raze-Boar

1x Purphoros, Bronze-Blooded

1x Myojin of Life’s Web

1x Lukka, Coppercoat Outcast

We play a lot of big creatures and those creatures often cost quite a bit to cast. So why bother casting them? See the Unwritten allows us to reveal the top 8 cards of our deck and put a creature card from among them into play, See the Unwritten itself costs 6 mana to cast but we are fairly likely to still be getting a discount on any creatures we happen to hit. On top of that, given that if we happen to have a creature already in play with power 4 or greater (so..any creature in our deck) we can choose TWO creatures revealed this way to put into play instead. Now that’s value. Finale of Devastation is one of the more expensive ($$) cards in the deck and for good reason. Not only does it let us search or deck (or graveyard) for a creature to put into play, if we spend 10 or more mana for its X value all of our creatures (including the one we dig out) get +X/+X and gain haste, making this a wincon in addition to a fantastic tutor effect. Ilharg is a repeatable effect, allowing us to exploit enters the battlefield triggers as anything the boar god cheats into play will be back in our hand by the end of the turn. It also means that we can keep cards we may want to not leave exposed to removal safely in our hands. Purphoros serves a couple of purposes in the deck. He’s yet another strong, indestructible body if we have enough devotion to turn him online, he grants all of our (other) creatures haste and he is basically an indestructible Sneak Attack. While we may have to sacrifice whatever he puts into play (which an also only be creatures of a certain color), paying 3 mana for something that would normally cost more is still good value and we can always sacrifice it to Greater Good and get some extra benefit out of doing so.

Myojin is an interesting case, it’s the one creature with a high (very high) casting cost that we don’t actually want to cheat out ourselves. If we cast Myojin from our hand it enters the battlefield with a divinity counter, which not only makes it indestructible but has a very, very powerful effect should we decide to remove that divinity counter. It lets us put every single creature card from our hand into play for free. This can lead to some absolute blowouts and can often be a game ending play if timed right. Lukka is probably one of my favorite planeswalkers to come around in a long time. I enjoyed his story from Ikoria and as a card he is incredibly powerful. While his first ability is only ok, it’s pseudo card draw that may net us a creature we can cast (as long as Lukka remains in play), it’s his second ability that we really care about. We can exile any creature from our side of the field (including one of those elephant tokens we gave ourselves with Terastodon) and cash it in for a creature with a higher converted mana cost. This does take a bit of knowledge of the deck and what mana costs are still available to you when deciding what to sacrifice to him and there’s a bit of random luck involved, but hitting something big and beefy off of him feels so good. And should you manage to hit his ultimate, that just wins the game.

Generic Good Stuff/Utility:

1x Heroic Intervention

1x Combat Celebrant

1x Terror of the Peaks

1x Challenger Troll

1x Paleoloth

1x Spearbreaker Behemoth

1x Spellbreaker Behemoth

1x Rhythm of the Wild

1x Gruul War Chant

So this is the stuff that was a bit harder to categorize that just adds some good utility to the deck. Heroic Intervention is pretty much a green staple, making removing your board incredibly difficult with hexproof and indestructible. This can be used in a variety of situations, be it in response to targeted removal, a wrath, during combat, after dropping an Apex Altisaur or casting Chandra’s Ignition. Combat Celebrant is the only human we run in the deck (which does at least mean Kogla’s last ability isn’t entirely useless) but he grants the always useful ability to give us a second combat phase. In a deck all about swinging with big dudes, this can close out games very quickly. Terror of the Peaks, I have said my piece on this card already, so you should know by now that I am a BIG fan of the dragon. It’s my favorite card from M21 and it is one of the coolest additions to this deck. It’s a big, badass dragon that punishes removal and can do some serious damage in a deck that is regularly putting 4, 5, 7, even 10 power creatures into play. Challenger Troll is a decent sized body that makes combat much more favorable to us by preventing opponents from double, triple, etc. blocking our creatures. Paleoloth is about as close as we get to repeatable recursion in the deck. It’s a little slow, but being able to recycle our dead creatures off of him is quite handy all the same. Spearbreaker and Spellbreaker Behemoth are solid enough creatures on their own (can you believe that Spellbreaker is only a 4-drop?) but being able to give our creatures indestructible or force our creature spells through counters is some invaluable utility. Rhythm of the Wild, likewise, makes our creature spells uncounterable and has the added bonus of either making them bigger or giving them haste once they hit the board. Gruul War Chant gives just a little buff during combat (combos with Godzilla) and gives everything menace, meaning that they are much harder to block (can’t chump block now) and when combined with Challenger Troll actually makes our creatures completely unblockable.


1x Overwhelming Stampede

1x Moonveil Dragon

1x God-Eternal Rhonas

1x Xenagos, God of Revels

1x Fiery Emancipation

1x Embercleave

1x Garruk, Unleashed

Because why wouldn’t you want to make your big beefy boys even bigger and beefier? Overwhelming Stampede just ends games, if you’re casting it you’re probably going to win shortly after. Take your biggest dude and make him and everyone around him bigger by his power and give them all trample. Moonveil Dragon provides a cheap and easy way to pump the entire board (also combos with Godzilla). Rhonas, holy crap Rhonas, doubles the power of your creatures and gives them vigilance meaning that they’re still available to block after the inevitable backlash from swinging out with that much power (also fun with Ilharg since you can get the benefit across multiple turns). Xenagos often leads big stompy decks all on his own, he’s sorta like a Rhonas aimed at a single creature and grants haste instead of vigilance, but he’s a serious force to be reckoned with all the same. Fiery Emancipation, another card I made mention of in my review of M21, tripling your damage is a huge deal and means that unblocked, Godzilla can just straight up kill someone (believe me, I’ve done it). It also makes Terror of the Peaks even scarier, makes those little 2 damage shocks from Klothys hurt a lot more, makes Sarkhan’s Unsealing deal some serious damage, it’s just a very strong card in a deck like this. Embercleave can surprise kill someone and comes with its own cost reduction built in. Easily one of the strongest equipment cards printed in a long time. Plus the idea of Godzilla just wailing on some poor sap with a little sword like that makes me grin. Garruk is another new addition to the deck that I haven’t been able to test out too much yet, but +3/+3 and trample is a very relevant effect and while the tokens he poops out don’t quite do much for our 4+ power theme, they provide an extra body for defense (or to Lukka away), and that emblem of his is a game winner.


1x Godzilla, Doom Inevitable (Yidaro, Wandering Monster)

1x Etali, Primal Storm

1x Godzilla, Primeval Champion (Titanoth Rex)

1x Ghalta, Primal Hunger

1x End-Raze Forerunners

1x Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger

1x Siege Behemoth

1x Questing Beast

1x Elder Gargaroth

1x Quartzwood Crasher

So you’ve already seen quite a few creatures that could fall under this category, this entire deck is just built around big beaters. These are the ones that pretty much just don’t fall under the other categories, these are the ones that are here more or less just to smack your opponent in the face. Godzilla, Doom Inevitable (Shin Godzilla, specifically) has a neat way to cheat him out over the long game while drawing you a few cards, but you’ll usually be able to cast him at his full cost well before you ever cycle him more than a couple of times, and you get a strong, hasty, trample-y body for your efforts (or mana). Etali has one of the best on attack triggers in the deck, not only does it let you get something off the top of your own deck to play, it gets something off of EVERYONE’S deck, that’s some serious value in a multiplayer format. Godzilla, Primeval Champion is probably the most generic beater in the deck but early game it lets us cash him in for a card and the ability to give trample to something that may not have it already. Ghalta is a huge body that regularly costs anywhere from 2 to 5 mana to cast, we’re almost never paying full price for this big, beautiful dino. End-Raze Forerunners is a wincon, plain and simple, a mini overrun effect stapled onto an already strong body, if we fetch this out with Finale of Devastation? That’s just insane.

Vorinclex you could argue falls under the ramp or control piles, maybe even the generic value because more or less doubling your mana while choking out your opponents does fall under those, but he ended up here with the beaters because..he did. Still a very strong card that’s destined to draw a ton of hate, especially with how easily we get him out early. Siege Behemoth lets us push a ton of damage through very easily. Questing Beast comes out early and can do some serious work. Most people don’t want to block it (thank you deathtouch), it has haste, it has vigilance, it makes it impossible to prevent your damage, it can hit a player and a planeswalker at the same time, just super efficient for only 4 mana. Elder Gargaroth is almost another Questing Beast as far as ability value to mana cost goes, lacking haste does mean it is a bit more likely to just eat removal before you can get anything out of it, but if it sticks around for even a turn or two, you’re coming up on the equation. Quartzwood can just take over games. In a deck with this many big tramplers, with the tokens it makes having trample, you’re just going to flood out with a lot of big beaters that make more big beaters, it is easily one of my favorite creatures to start swinging with.

Overall it’s a fairly simple deck. It wants to put big things on the board and it wants to smash people’s faces in. Nothing fancy. Definitely not the most tuned take on the deck, I intentionally avoided small creatures and mana dorks and things like that, I opted for something more flavorful and fun to me. It still runs way better than it has any right to and I’ve regularly taken down full 4-player pods with it, pretty tough to do with an entirely aggro-centric deck. It’s lead to some of the most fun games I’ve had of Magic in a long time. I grew up on Godzilla movies, they were a huge part of my childhood and the opportunity to build a deck like this with Godzilla at the helm just brought out my inner child and I have had an absolute blast with it. Now if only it had blue in it…

Hope you enjoyed the list everyone, always love to see your thoughts and comments below. As always, be good people, love you guys.

Stay blue at heart.