The day is here at long last my fellow planeswalkers. Welcome to In Response where today I will be cracking open an entire booster box of the hotly anticipated and highly¬†controversial Double Masters (2XM) reprint set for Magic the Gathering. Each box, which retails for roughly $300 (give or take based on who you buy from), contains 24 sealed packs of Double Masters and a special Double Masters box topper pack, which itself contains two non-foil box topper cards. Individual packs contain the usual commons and uncommons, but the standout here is that each pack also contains two rares (or mythic rares) and two foils. These packs run around $15 each, again depending on where you’re buying them, and given the rather wide gap between the bottom of the barrel rares and the top tier mythics, don’t expect to make your money back cracking packs here (not that you ever should). Also no, I do not have any plans on purchasing or opening any of the VIP packs, not unless someone really wants to sponsor that anyways.

So, will this be a bang or a bust? I paid $250 for my box, am I going to make my money back or at least pull some cool cards I’ll be happy to add to my decks or collections? Let’s find out, shall we?

We’ll be going pack by pack, picking out our rares and our foils. We’ll get a tally (using TCG Player mid prices) of the cards actually worth more than a few cents going and see where we end up.

Pack 1

Vexing Shusher: $4

Urza’s Mine (foil): $5

Approx. Pack Value: $9

Pack 2

Mana Echoes: $30

Path to Exile (foil): $2.50

Approx. Pack Value: $32.50

Pack 3

Karrthus, Tyrant of Jund: $2

Jace, the Mind Sculptor: $64

Approx. Pack Value: $66

Pack 4

Baleful Strix: $2

Lightning Greaves (foil): $7

Marit Lage (token): $2

Approx. Pack Value: $11

Pack 5

Wrath of God: $3

Approx. Pack Value: $3

Pack 6

Stonehewer Giant: $2

Urza’s Tower (foil): $5

Approx. Pack Value: $7

Pack 7

Blood Moon: $9

Sword of Body and Mind: $10

Approx. Pack Value: $19

Pack 8

Abrade (foil): $2

Approx. Pack Value: $2

Pack 9

Approx. Pack Value: Bupkis

Pack 10

Fulminator Mage: $2

Approx. Pack Value: $2

Pack 11

Wooded Bastion: $6

Batterskull: $12

Approx. Pack Value: $18

Pack 12

Mana Reflection: $16

Approx. Pack Value: $16

Pack 13

Approx. Pack Value: Zilch

Pack 14

Twilight Mire: $5

Mazirek, Kraul Death Priest: $2

Approx. Pack Value: $7

Pack 15

Approx. Pack Value: Nada

Pack 16

Mox Opal: $39

Approx. Pack Value: $39

Pack 17

Imperial Recruiter: $27

Approx. Pack Value: $27

Pack 18

Blightsteel Colossus: $42

Approx. Pack Value: $42

Pack 19

Grand Architect (foil): $2

Approx. Pack Value: $2

Pack 20

Puresteel Paladin: $2

Austere Command: $5

Approx. Pack Value: $7

Pack 21

Flooded Grove: $6

Cyclonic Rift: $22

Approx. Pack Value: $28

Pack 22

Approx. Pack Value: Nothing

Pack 23

Sword of the Meek: $3

Glimmervoid: $2

Approx. Pack Value: $5

Pack 24

Ad Nauseam: $8

Maelstrom Pulse: $2

Approx. Pack Value: $10

Notable Commons and Uncommons

Path to Exile: $3

Pongify: $2

Oubliette: $5

Fatal Push: $2

Manamorphose (x2): $10 ($5 each)

Basalt Monolith: $2.50

Expedition Map (x2): $4 ($2 each)

Lightning Greaves: $4

Mishra’s Bauble (x2): $8 ($4 each)

Urza’s Mine (x3): $6 ($2 each)

Urza’s Tower (x2): $4 ($2 each)

Urza’s Power Plant: $2

Approx. Value: $52.50

Now, before we get to the big finale, what are we hoping to pull here? What would we rather not see? Obviously the big money cards would be nice. Things like Jace the Mind Sculptor, Mana Crypt, Force of Will, Chrome Mox, Mox Opal, and Karn are all fantastic mythic rare toppers we can hope for. I’d also personally be really happy with Dark Confidant or Wurmcoil Engine, Sword of Fire and Ice, Sword of Feast and Famine, Sword of Light and Shadow. As far as the rares that would be good pulls, I’d be into Toxic Deluge, Cyclonic Rift, Thoughtseize, Noble Hierarch, Stoneforge Mystic are all bangers, Brainstorm is great, Metamorph is a miss on value but a card I at least run, Blood Moon is a great card with gorgeous new art. While the tron lands (and to a lesser extent, Expedition Map) are better pulls than players are giving credit for (tron players love their bling) I’d still prefer to not end up with those in my pack, Lightning Greaves is another bit of a miss for me. Would definitely not be happy seeing Meddling Mage or Fatal Push, and I’m not really into Atraxa or Kaalia (they are popular commanders, just not ones I’m really interested in), Goblin Guide is another rare that I’d be pretty ho hum over. The rest I think are ones that I’d be fine with opening, not necessarily thrilled by but not disappointed to have opened either.

Box Toppers

Phyrexian Metamorph (borderless): $12

Noble Hierarch (borderless): $38

Approx. Pack Value: $50

So even with the complete whiffs, if we add everything up the total approximate value of this box is….


That’s just over a $200 profit we made on this box, not too bad right? Now, there’s a few things I want you all to take away from this.

First of all is just look at how many packs we made $15 or less on. These packs are averaging between $12 and $15, just look at how many don’t even cover the cost of the pack. 15 out of 24 packs were worth less than the money spent to buy them. There may be some slight variance depending on which packs had some of the better commons and uncommons I counted above, but generally speaking over half of the box was not worth opening from a monetary standpoint. Another important takeaway, how much of the value of this box comes from the mythic rares we pulled. We pulled a total of 8 mythics, two of these were in the same pack so out of the ~9 packs that were worth opening, 7 of those contained mythic rares. There were a total of 4 packs that had absolutely nothing of any value in them, literal bulk.

This box was a big gamble. It did ultimately pay off, but if you were buying individual packs from this from your local game shop you only had a 9 out of 24 chance of opening anything worthwhile. God help you if you hit one of those four packs that isn’t even worth the ink that is printed on the cardboard.

Keep in mind, prices are going to drop on most (if not all) of these cards as well over the next several months. That said, given trends from past master sets many of these cards will creep back up to where they were prior to Double Masters, but again, that’s still quite a few months from now.

In all though, I actually did have a great time cracking this thing. I picked up a few cards I was looking for either for my decks or just to add to my collection, opening that Jace was so satisfying and he’s going straight into Breya, the Blightsteel is going to be a mean new win condition in my Godzilla deck. Good stuffs.

Remember though, I got lucky on those pulls, I got really lucky and I had to open an entire box to get them. As always, your money is much better spent on buying singles if you’re not planning to play some form of limited with your packs, you’ll spend much less in the long run.

Hope you enjoyed this crazy ride with me, I had an absolute blast and hope to do it again sometime..maybe with Commander Legends later this year.

Be good people, something something blue. Love you guys.