We read Holy F*CK! What did we think of it? Was it hilarious? *Spoiler YES* but there is so much more to it! Listen in!

Jeff and Tyler talk about Satan, Jesus, Zeus, and all the other gods as the greatest biblical story ever told is now available in comic form!



Sister Maria has recruited two horny drug-fueled weirdos to stop the apocalypse. Their names? Jesus and Satan. Can these biblical frenemies help this nun with a gun defeat an army of pissed off mythological gods? Only one thing’s for sure — it’s gonna be a wild ride!

Collecting the controversially-contagious Holy F*ck #1-4.

Via Action Lab website.

‘Holy F*ck’ is a 4 part miniseries written by Nick Marino and art/cover art by Daniel Arruda Massa!

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The Action Lab is a group of mad scientists who collectively have over 25 years of comic book creating experience.  After slaving in obscurity and alone for lo, these many years, these quasi-evil geniuses have now gathered together from around the globe to form a secret research and development collective devoted to world domination through the purification of the comic book art form.  The Action Lab has sworn to use its powers for a single purpose — to bring the world the most action packed, most thought-provoking, most entertaining comics available, thereby ushering in a new age of world peace under the dominating yet benign control of the Action Lab.

Their first major release, FRACTURE, was released in July 2011 followed by the now two-time Eisner nominated and five-time Glyph nominated PRINCELESS in October 2011. Action Lab continues to publish genre spanning comics from the all-ages MONSTERS ARE JUST LIKE US, and mature reader books like SNOWED IN and DOUBLE JUMPERS.

If you have the opportunity to interface with any Action Lab personnel at a comic book show or other event, please approach with caution, but feel free to purchase any of the fine comic book products which may be available.

Via Action Lab website.

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