Blue lights tints the wall sized promo of Kerrigan with Tassadar by the East side of the venue. The attendance seats are lined up from stage to about underneath the mezzanine. Music is on and the projector showcases a live feed of current matches.

Heroes Rising is on at the eSports Arena.

First off, Congratulations to Bob Ross Fan Club surprisingly hooking in the win for the Heroes of the Storm tournament.

The extravagant post-modern basement that is eSports Arena has successfully kickstarted the first huge gaming event of 2016; Heroes Rising. This small brick building located in downtown Santa Ana, California is the only major gaming destination on this side of the globe that hosts major eSports tournaments gathering major and amateur teams from around the world. Teams like Cloud9, TempoStorm, etc are positioned in brackets with players online and local talent.



With over six thousand dollars crowd funded for the Blizzard Entertainment‘s year old Heroes of the Storm, the three night event hosted some of the biggest teams in modern gaming as well as a collection of up and comers, including:

Murloc Geniuses
COGnitive Gaming
Panda Global
Team Blaze
Bob Ross Fan Club
oVo Gaming
King of Blades – Alpha

Walking into the arena, your eyes are immediately drawn to the back of the house, where fans sat in rapt attention, bathed in red and blue light, as their attention was focused onto the action in front of them. Shout casters kept a steady stream of commentary, punctuated by flares of excitement whenever a fight broke out or a game changing play was made. Roars of excitement thundered from the audience at each gained or lost. All around us was an air charged with the buzz of eSports fans doing what they love: watching their favorite game played by the best.

Around the arena’s perimeter, it was business as usual. Computers lined the walls, with many of the occupied by patrons enjoying their own game of Heroes of the Storm. Tables were sat with people playing card and board games, other using a few other computers to enjoy games of Fibbage.

The eSports Arena knows how to throw a tournament, and this was a truly marvelously done event. If you live in the Southern California area and have the time, absolutely stop by and give them a look, because we can’t wait for the next big things from them! Stay Kultured, eSports Arena!

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