This past weekend, I had the amazing opportunity to attend VRLA 2017. An expo showcasing not only the wonders that VR can do for the entertainment industry as a whole, and beyond it in some cases, but also all of the imaginative games being developed for this new platform! One of these that I was able to try out was VINDICTA, by Game Cooks.


VINDICTA is a first-person shooter that makes use of the HTC Vive, and pits you against robots gone rogue! The demo starts you on a platform, outside of a futuristic building, learning how to pick up your first weapon, a standard pistol. Holding the two buttons atop the controllers and swinging your arms back and forth moves your character forward, your facing determining your direction. Immediately you face down several robots, whose bullets conveniently move just slow enough to dodge as you gun them down. Zipping across the room, your body quickly forgets you aren’t ACTUALLY moving, and the sudden stops had me several times almost falling forward from the imagined inertia. Picking up a pack of ammo, I cleared out several more enemies (after I may or may not have needed to reset after tripping on the cord), and proceeded to the next room. This one had a single enemy occupant, guarding more ammo and a new gun. Holstering my pistol, I picked up the automatic rifle and headed outside. Here, the land-bound enemies are complimented by flying units, which made liberal use of rockets at the expense of my health meter. I never managed to pass this area, more due to my own incompetence than from any fault of the game.

This is not Game Cooks’ first foray into gaming. Founded in 2011, they have produced 15 different titles, 12 of which are highly popular mobile titles, the last 3 being virtual reality games. Originating in Beirut, the company also boasts an office in San Francisco responsible for publishing their games. Before getting a chance to play, I spoke at length with their Marketing Director, Lara Noujaim, who had a strong passion not just for telling us all about their team, their drive, and their goals, but also for learning about us and what we love. And we were only too happy to oblige! After a short wait in line, and a text book showing of my game skills (which any of you that follow the GamerKulture YouTube channel will know well), I had the great opportunity to speak with the Founder and CEO of Game Cooks, Lebnan Nader. Enjoy!

In addition to loving what he was doing, and being all around amazing for giving us a few minutes of his time away from showing off the game, what you didn’t get to see was Lebnan constantly having to plug cords back in after my two left feet would trip, or explain the admittedly very simple button lay out to me several times. VINDICTA and the Game Cooks team was the highlight of my day, so after watching the video, go check them out here!

Stay Kultured, Gamers!

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