Last month, WonderCon hosted a free, two-day virtual event in lieu of its usual in-person Comic Con.  This was the second year that the in-person convention was cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic, although there is hope for an in-person Comic Con in San Diego in November.

Despite WonderCon being virtual, thousands tuned in to watch panels discussing everything from comics to Covid, with reflections on the past (such as the annual Jack Kirby tribute panel, this year featuring artist Alex Ross) and thoughts for the future (such as a panel titled Creating Content in a Constantly Changing World).

If you missed out, here’s some highlights from a couple of the Grand Geek Gathering’s panels:

Burn After Pitching: Something to Pitch About

This star-studded panel of writers (including writers from Rick and Morty, Works in Space, Junior Braves of the Apocalypse, and Starlight, to name a few) began by pitching movies that take place at a convention.  Suggestions ranged from movies set at flat-earth convention to blood bank conventions.  The panel invited viewers to Tweet at them with #BurningPitch if they had suggestions for convention-set movies.  In the second half of the panel, they discussed potential movies that feature cartoon characters in the real world (a la Space Jam, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, et cetera).  We don’t want to spoil anything, but if they ever end up making a Marvin the Martian movie, you heard it here first!

Unnecessary Debates

With lots of graphics to make this panel pop on your screen, Unnecessary Debates tackled some big questions, such as: Which superhero would be the worst used car salesman?  (Hint: He’s come to bargain with Dormammu.)  Which Muppet needs a makeover?  (This quickly devolved into what constitutes a “Muppet,” and whether Sesame Street characters would be eligible.)  Which actor would be the weirdest choice to be the voice behind the Fifty Shades of Grey audiobook?  Which supervillain would be the most successful Twitch streamer?  And, my personal favorite debate: which Avenger deserves their own talk show, and what would be their big schtick?

Wish you’d be there?  Good news!  It’s too late to vote on the WonderCon edition of Unnecessary Debates in real time, but all of the panels were uploaded to YouTube to watch at your own convenience.

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