Unnecessary Debate question from Michael Tanner: Best fictional diner- The Max from Saved by the Bell or Pops from Riverdale.


Vintage flair with a geeky twist.

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Their Story
For most of his adult life, Tony Kim has struggled to find fashion solutions that were both geeky and sophisticated. Like Kal-El traveling to Earth as a baby, the journey of interesting nerd apparel has been long and lonely. Then he and Michael Lew began collaborating on a number of fashion projects inspired by Tony’s love for the San Diego Comic-Con. By early 2015, it became clear that it was time for something different. Hero Within was born and the conceptual phase began. A great team has formed and Hero Within became official in early 2016. DC superheroes is where it all started with Tony many years ago- so it is an honor to partner with DC Comics™ for the launch of Hero Within’s Justice League Collection. In the spring of 2018, Hero Within added the Marvel Comics license.

They Understand Geeks
Hero Within is a lifestyle fashion brand that celebrates the heroism found in all of us. We are fanboys and fangirls with many nerd passions but also love to create inspired geek fashion. Our passion is to merge sophisticated outerwear that both reflects our love for pop culture and represents that we are serious influencers in business, culture and in the community.

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Ronin Expo


Ronin-Expo started in 2017 and was founded by six individuals that met and collaborated over the years at numerous events in Southern California. Since its inception the main focus of Ronin-Expo has been to promote a sense of community within Los Angeles and for those with a love of Asian culture. Ronin-Expo strives to collaborate with and encourage participation with artists, gamers, performers, and locals to create the most engaging and enjoyable experience possible.

Located in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles, Ronin-Expo chose this location with the goal of being at the heart of one of the most prominent Japanese cities in the United States. While attending the con, guests can also visit the surrounding museums, dine at the local restaurants, and experience all that the city has to offer.

At Ronin-Expo, we celebrate the diverse aspects of the community. Our mission is to promote love, friendship, and knowledge through engagement with Asian art and culture in North America.


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Zombie C0rps

The Zombie Corps are a group of video game streamers that can be found everyday on Twitch!

This past month they have been focusing on horror games and they play anything from WWE to Doom to whatever they feel like!


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About TitanCon:

CSUF Titan Con is a student-run convention at California State University of Fullerton designed to showcase our appreciation for the arts, pop culture, games, and student initiative.

CSUF Titan Con originated from students of various backgrounds. They were all united with a common passion for the arts, games, and community. CSUF Titan Con’s goal is to share and exhibit the passions of the students of California State University of Fullerton and to unite the community through one big event based on the conventions held throughout the world for all to enjoy.

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ANIME IMPULSE is the exciting new project fusing the world of Anime and Video Games. The event will highlight appearances from celebrities, special guests, eSports, panels, cosplay, VIP parties, vendors, artist alleys, delicious food, treats, and the cutest (kawaii) fashion from our runway stage!

The goal for ANIME IMPULSE brand is to provide casual fans and otakus to gather and indulge in fandom. To meet like-minded people and motivate creativity within the community.

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The Interviewees

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The game we played this week is called Utter Nonsense and is available at Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Target, and many other retailers.

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Music provided by:
The Staylyns
Song: Sex & Coffee
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More info on The Staylyns:
The Staylyns are a high-energy Rock & Roll band based in Austin Texas that draws on influences from Jack White, KT Tunstall & Dave Grohl to create a signature sound and strong stage show.
The Staylyns began as a duo in April 2008, performing in Austin’s famous Sixth Street district, but in March 2010, the band settled into its current lineup as a three-piece band with guitarist Johnny Austin, bassist Suzy Staton, and drummer Joey Kraft. All three members of the band share lead singing duties on a classic list of hits and original songs that span five decades, from the 1950’s through current releases.
The Staylyns have played premier gigs throughout the state of Texas, performing at both public venues and private events, rocking audiences with one of the most energetic and engaging shows around