2020 is over. FINALLY! Hoping for next year to be better and safer! We have many thoughts on the year and Tyler is joined by good friends: Albert, Ana, Derek, and Myke to close out the year!


People normally ask the WHO, the WHAT, and the WHERE,
but sometimes people forget the WHY. Where’s the Why?

Based in Southern California. “whowhatwhereswhy” is an entertainment website that contains movie reviews, a podcast that feature a variety of different but entertaining subjects, and a weekly comic strip. The purpose of this site is to hopefully spark interesting discussions among people.




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Derek and Myke are a couple of nerds who love watching TV shows and films, so we’re just like you! We talk about the movies we just watched, shows we’ve been addicted to, and things we’re excited about! Sometimes we even bring along a friend!

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Two best friends discussing every pop culture item under the sun!

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