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La Voz De M.A.Y.O. Tata Rambo


A resonant, neglected slice of American history is told for the first time, in graphic-novel format. Featuring art by Jason “Gonzo” Gonzalez, edited by Claire Napier, and script and lettering by me, Henry Barajas: journalist, comedian, author, native Tucsonan, and great-grandson of the story’s main character, Tata Rambo, aka Ramon Jaurigue.

La Voz De M.A.Y.O. is the true story of Ramon Jaurigue, an orphan and WWII veteran who co-founded the Mexican, American, Yaqui, and Others (M.A.Y.O.) organization, which successfully lobbied the Tucson City Council to improve living and working conditions for members of the local Pascua Yaqui tribe. Largely due to Ramon’s activism, both in M.A.Y.O. in and with Model Cities Program, Yaqui were successfully integrated into the expanding metropolis of Tucson: families bought property, roads and sidewalks were built, and sewage systems installed. Ramon and his colleagues even founded a night school to help adults learn English and established the region’s first low-cost clinic to offer birth control.

Untiring in their efforts for equal rights and opportunities, Ramon and M.A.Y.O.eventually secured official U.S. government recognition for the Pascua Yaqui tribe. Local government didn’t give up their plans to bridge Tucson to the west coast and taxpayer dollars to the Old Pueblo’s indigenous people without a fight. The Carter Administration was skeptical of the Yaqui’s eligibility, so it took compromise from Ramon and the tribe. While trying to keep 12,000 families together, Ramon struggled with taking care of his own family life.

Utilizing newspaper clippings, interviews with surviving MAYO members, and Ramon’s authored articles, La Voz De M.A.Y.O. dramatizes the remarkable life and achievements of my great-grandfather—and in so doing, tells the story not just of a single man, but of a family, a tribe, a nation.

It’s an honor to follow in my great-grandfather’s footsteps. He was a writer in his own right by documenting what was happening in the community and trying to do something about it. I wish I could’ve finished this before he passed away last October. But I’m confident he was proud of my and my family’s effort.

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How to play:

Separate the white cards (Perks) from the red cards (Red Flags) and place them in stacks on the table where all players can reach them.
Pick a player to be the Single. The player who’s been on the most dates makes a great first Single.
Everyone else takes 4 Perks and 3 Red Flags.


Using what you know about the Single, pick two Perks to create the best date you can for them.
Starting with the player to the left of the Single, each player plays their two Perks and reads the cards out loud to the table.

After all Perks are read, and beginning once again with the player to the Single’s left, each player plays a Red Flag onto the player to their left.

Now the players argue why the Single should pick their character to date and reject the other candidates. The Single must imagine that they will date this person long-term, and will be expected to do all of the things they would do while dating anyone else.

Based on the arguments, the Single chooses a date. The chosen player keeps their Red Flag from that date. Use these cards to keep track of points. The player to the left of the Single is now the new Single.

After each round, all players discard their hands and draw back up to four Perks and three Red Flags and start a new round. When either the Perk or Red Flag decks run out, shuffle the discard pile and use that as your new deck.

For a short game, play twice around the table. For a longer game, say that the first player to seven points wins. Or just play until none of you want to go on a date ever again.

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