Tyler sits down with Jeremy from D20 Adventure Realm, Falco from Zombie Corps, and TJ from Belegatrh Society and Korriban Thursdays! Find out what geeks like to do during the summer time!

Game of the Week: FunEmployed

Board games & beer presented by Table top takeovers are here to pair Epic board game Adventures with local SoCa Breweries. Our events our unique as they are hosted by the game creators themselves. So bring your friends, grab a beer & play something new!

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Dungeon Masters for hire. We offer public gaming events, custom campaigns for private parties, and Dungeon Master workshops to help improve your games.

We supply the expertise and materials, you bring your imagination.

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The Zombie Corps are a group of video game streamers that can be found everyday on Twitch!

This past month they have been focusing on horror games and they play anything from WWE to Doom to whatever they feel like!


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Check them out, they are fantastic guys and very awesome to watch!

Mission: Betterment of safe sword combat and medieval endeavors.

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Korriban Thursdays


This is a Belegarth practice that is focused around fun and games. We meet from 6:30-10 every Thursday at Twila Ried park. If fun and games isn’t for you, try out our Wednesday practice same time same place. We hope to see you out there!

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Game of the Week

Funemployed™ is the crazy party game where each player is handed four random Qualification Cards to “build their resume.” One by one, each player interviews using all four cards and has to talk their way into winning the job! But watch out! The manager has something up their sleeve too!
(Via FunEmployed’s Website)

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Music provided by:
The Staylyns
Song: Sex & Coffee
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More info on The Staylyns:
The Staylyns are a high-energy Rock & Roll band based in Austin Texas that draws on influences from Jack White, KT Tunstall & Dave Grohl to create a signature sound and strong stage show.
The Staylyns began as a duo in April 2008, performing in Austin’s famous Sixth Street district, but in March 2010, the band settled into its current lineup as a three-piece band with guitarist Johnny Austin, bassist Suzy Staton, and drummer Joey Kraft. All three members of the band share lead singing duties on a classic list of hits and original songs that span five decades, from the 1950’s through current releases.
The Staylyns have played premier gigs throughout the state of Texas, performing at both public venues and private events, rocking audiences with one of the most energetic and engaging shows around