In the land of Santa Monica, on Wednesday, February 15, 2017… A monstrous mash will be at Hi De Ho Comics celebrating Wannabe Press’ new anthology: Monsters and Other Scary Shit!



Monsters and Other Scary Shit Cover Art

Monsters and Other Scary Shit Cover Art


On February 15, 2017 at Hi De Ho Comics there will be a celebration of all monsters and fans for Wannabe Press’ new book edited by Russell Nohelty. Russell joins us on this episode to tell us what we are in store!



Monsters and Other Scary Shit is a glorious, 224 page hardcover ode to monsters. It’s a love letter to monsters, from 30 creatives teams who adore everything about monsters. There are funny monsters, scary monsters, fantastical monsters, ghoulish monsters, science fiction monsters, religious monsters, and more.

If you love monsters of all types, shapes, sizes, and origins this is the monster anthology for  you. It’s the monster anthology to end all monster anthologies. This is the best monster anthology that has ever existed, printed in the most beautiful way possible.

(Via Wannabe Press)

Russell Nohelty

Russell Nohelty

The Kickstarter for this book will go live the day before the event, February 14th, and you can fund it at this link right here!

For more info on the campaign and to RSVP on Facebook, check these out:



The event starts at 4PM and goes to 9PM at Hi De Ho Comics in Santa Monica, CA!

They are open Monday-Saturday 10-8PM and Sunday 10-6PM!

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At the event:Donna Letterese will be doing monster face-painting, Daniel De Sosa drawing you as a monster, and you can meet  the creators Nicholas Doan and Gwendolyn Dreyer (Monsters Elementary) Michael Tanner (Young Braves of the Apocalypse) Erika Lipses and Steve Waldinger (Comicprov) Mary Bellamy (My Little Pony)!

There will also be a computer so those of you who want to donate to the campaign there. You will be getting bonuses for pledging there!

“It’s gonna be fun on a bun.” – Russell Nohelty

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Russell Nohelty is a writer, publisher, and speaker. He runs Wannabe Press (, a small press that publishes weird books for weird people, and hosts The Business of Art podcast (, which helps creatives build better businesses.

Russell is the author of Gumshoes: The Case of Madison’s Father, Spaceship Broken, Needs Repairs and My Father Didn’t Kill Himself, along with the creator of the Ichabod Jones: Monster Hunter, Gherkin Boy, and Katrina Hates the Dead graphic novels. He makes books that are as entertaining and weird as they are thought provoking and interesting.


Wannabe Press’ Statement:

We write for the rebels. Rebels that are obsessed with pop culture and question everything, especially authority. Punks, emo kids, goths, nerds, geeks, outlaws, bandits, and rebels, these are our tribe. People that grew up outside the system until that system realized it was “cool” to be like them, as if we did it because it was cool. Our tribe doesn’t move to the back of the bus. They burned their bras and have never seen a protest they didn’t like. They stand up for what’s right even when it’s unpopular. They don’t care what anybody else thinks.

We demand to be entertained as much as we want to think deeply about real issues that matter. We want our stories to have a message, but we want that message hidden under a thick layer of action and fun.

We find humor in the dark places of the world. The darker the better. The more humor the better. We want to shine light in the dark corners and show there’s humor there too, in the places we’re not supposed to go.

(Via Wannabe Press’ ‘About Us’)

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Check out all of Russell’s other books and purchase them from his site!


Like to drink? We have a drinking game here are the rules! Don’t drink and drive!

When anyone:

  • Someone has two picks of the week
  • Any time someone mentions JJ Abrams
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  • ‘Dark Knight Rises’ is mentioned
  • “I swear to god” is said
  • Says “Drink!”


  • Tyler makes a horrible segue
  • Tyler says a pun
  • Tyler is corrected by someone
  • Tyler forgets his story half-way through
  • Tyler is interrupted by someone


  • Eric says ‘touche’
  • Eric opens a beer on mic
  • Eric talks about Indiana Jones
  • Eric talks about archeology
  • Eric mentions an awkward moment from the guest(s) was recorded

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