Welcome back to another week with the Grand Geek Gathering Network. This is your recap of what we did this week, and what we have coming up. We have new podcasts and new articles for you to listen to and read.

Also we have a few announcements to make! We have a release date for our first YouTube show: Drink ‘n Dragons! People can geek out about a lot of things, and some of our team geek out about beer. So Eric, Tim, and Tyler will be going to a different location each month and talking to the people that love craft beer, the places that serve it, and the people that make it. We’ve got some fun and exciting locations for you, so stay tuned on July 1st to see what it’s all about.

Today also marks one week into the 365 Day Movie Challenge! You can check out the guys’ progress under the Articles section and also get information to follow them and keep up with their progress. Part of the fun is getting to watch a whole bunch of movies that you may not otherwise, but the best part is they’re going to be punished for missing a day. These punishments will either take place on a podcast or in a video made just for that occasion. Check out the challenge or stop by here each week and we’ll let you know what you’ve missed.


Have a great week and GGG!