Welcome back to another recap of the Grand Geek Gathering with The Gathering in Review! This week we have even more articles, podcast, and videos for you to check out. It’s another week so of course we have a new episode of The Gathering for you, this week it’s, “Making Ilvermorny Great Again.” Also we have more of Jeff’s comic picks of the week, a new box office recap, and the most recent installment of Unpopular Opinion! This month, the Unpopular Opinion is linked to a new offering we have, all about craft beer. That’s right, Drink ‘n Dragons premiered! Each month Eric, Tim, and Tyler are going to go to a new location and geek out about craft beer with the owners and brewers who bring their passion to the world. This month the guys headed on down to their favorite below-ground bar, The Copper Door Bar in Downtown Santa Ana, California. Make sure to check it out and then follow us to see even more episodes of this exciting new show. Also don’t forget about the 365 Day Movie Challenge! The guys are going strong but sooner or later they’ll miss a day and have to do something funny as punishment


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