Welcome Gatherers! We’re back from San Diego Comic Con 2016 and have a ton of new stuff for you to check out. We have new interviews with comic book writers and artists with our IndiMini podcasts, there’s also 3 new Interview Tag Videos to check out (See them here, and here), and we’re also back with Con-Tinuation (check out our Facebook for Tyler singing karaoke on preview night). If you haven’t been here in a few days, there are also new articles for you to read. We have our weekly ones, Jeff’s Picks of the Week and Tim’s Box Office Review, but also brand new ones about Ghostbusters and science in science fiction. Also don’t miss the latest episode from GamerKulture all about Pokemon.

Next Monday is also going to be a big day for new content. We have the first episode of a new show #PopNerd, and it’s all about the new Suicide Squad film. If you’ve ever felt left out of a conversation about a movie because you

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