Guess what? We’re back for another week of The Gathering in Review! Let Aelynn fill you in on everything the gang has been up to for the last week. It’s been a little quiet here on the home front, but I can assure you we’re up to new and awesome things. We have new podcasts from The Gathering and GamerKulture, new articles, and if you haven’t checked out the premiere episode of Drink ‘n Dragons…do that. Following Anime Expo last weekend, we have a new podcast that is going to be all about Anime called Shu Kai.

Also if you didn’t know, we’re 4 weeks into the 365 Day Movie Challenge! I have a pretty good feeling that if no one has missed a day yet, they will soon. So check back in to find out what they have to do as punishment for skipping a day.



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Have a great week and GGG!