Welcome back to another week with the Grand Geek Gathering Network. This is your recap of what we did this week and since we had some time to spare this episode, we thought we’d take the time to introduce you the Executive team behind the network. Tyler is our CEO and the genius behind bringing all of us together, Dan has been there from the beginning and heads up our video game content, and Eric is behind most of our video content. Together they are trying to make a fun and exciting place for geeks to gather and geek out together. Make sure to check out our Team page to see the rest of the talented cast that brings you all the geek-related content you could desire.

Don’t forget to keep checking out the site for more offerings coming in June, especially our 365 Days of Movies Challenge! In this challenge Tyler, Evan, Tim, and Eric will have to watch a movie per day for a year. If they miss a day, as I’m sure they will (we’re going to SDCC after all), there will be a punishment which we’ll catch on film and post for everyone’s viewing pleasure (Schadenfreude, anyone?).