We get a little historical on this new episode of The Gathering! We have Jason Wegener, creator of Presidential Knife Fight, and Marlo from Anxiety Gaming back on! Let’s get some America up in this!

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In this episode, Tyler and Eric banter about getting old and National Podcast Day, we discuss Kickstarter and the creation of Presidential Knife Fight, and then we get down and dirty with a nice game of Red Flags!

Question of the Week: If you could have a drink with any president, who would it be?



Presidential Knife Fight: The Game has launched its Kickstarter campaign today, which does not fund any political causes, but instead helps bring a game about the former United States presidents physically fighting with knives to life.

Presidential Knife Fight is a fast-paced, “take that” style tabletop card game which pits all 43 former presidents against each other in a giant melee brawl. Each player uses their president’s abilities, as well as action cards and stab actions, to wound their opponents in order to become the Supreme President of These United States.

Via: Presidential Knife Fight

You can now help fund the game on Kickstarter right here! The pledge goes up on October 26th! So back it now!!

41George HW Bush

It is a lot of fun and we highly suggest you guys get in on this really great game!

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