Welcome fellow Gatherers to a gathering of geeks from all across the country thanks to the magical application called the “Skype”.

Join Emily, Kevin, Stephanie, Jon, Aelynn, Kathryn and moderator Tyler on this tabletop adventure as they journey into their favorite board games, cards games that changed the market, and pen’n’paper quests with our favorite characters.

Question of the week: What would be your class, race, and alignment and why?

Other Topics:
Betrayal, House on the HIll, Night at the Red Dragon Inn, Dungeons and Dragons, Warhammer, Being a Dungeon Master, Savage World, Out of Context DnD, Bang!, Settlers of Catan, Weiß Schwarz, Flux, Monopoly, Z-pocalypse, Munchkin,Texas weather, Cards Against Humanity, Favorite Card Games, Red Flags, Metagames, Devastator Press, Wizards of Cockblock Forest, Scene It, Free Comic Book Day, Legends of Korra and more.

Like to drink? We have a drinking game here are the rules! Don’t drink and drive!

  • Tyler’s Failed segues
  • Tyler cuts in on episodes he shouldn’t be in
  • Evan forgets what he was talking about
  • ‘Green Lantern’ film mentions
  • ‘Jurassic Park Lost World’ love
  • Corona threatens someone
  • ‘Dark Knight Rises’
  • Eric opens a beer on mic
  • “I swear to god” is said
  • Tyler says a pun
  • Tim says ‘Touche’ or ‘Fair enough’
  • Tyler is interrupted by someone
  • Ashley brings up Disney
  • Any time Albert mentions his podcasts
  • Any time someone mentions JJ Abrams
  • Glory holes being mentioned
  • Someone has two picks of the week!
  • Kathryn calls out a ‘shameless plug’
  • Whenever Jeff gets too inappropriate
  • Whenever Evan asks ‘Can I finish?’
  • Kathryn says “That escalated quickly”
  • Every time someone forgets Haley is on the podcast

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