Who doesn’t love a good ol’ trash panda? We have Adrian from Trash Panda Clothing! Eric and Tyler are joined by Drink N Dragons’ Tim to learn more about clothes and trash pandas!


QoW: What was the childhood movie did you love so much, but then grew up and realized how horrible it was and died a little inside?

Game of the Week: FunEmployed



About Trash Panda:

“Trash Panda are a couple of snack snatchers from Southern California who don’t quite fit in and never really wanted to anyway. We want to wear clothing we like, have fun wearing it, and be who we are.

Whether it’s rolling that critical hit, landing that hit on someone’s face, or simply eating that last slice of pizza, or sitting down for a long session of shit talking and video games you should enjoy what you look like. Live on the outside.

Steal snacks and look good doing it!”
Via TrashPandaClothing.com

Trash Panda Clothing is on Twitter! Keep up to date and follow them! You can buy their shirts and posters on their website here!

Game of the Week

Funemployed™ is the crazy party game where each player is handed four random Qualification Cards to “build their resume.” One by one, each player interviews using all four cards and has to talk their way into winning the job! But watch out! The manager has something up their sleeve too!

Via FunEmployed’s Website

A little more info is on there site here!

To buy the game check Amazon, and their site.

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Like to drink? We have a drinking game here are the rules! Don’t drink and drive!

When anyone:

  • Someone has two picks of the week
  • Any time someone mentions JJ Abrams
  • ‘Green Lantern’ film is mentioned
  • ‘Dark Knight Rises’ is mentioned
  • “I swear to god” is said
  • Says “Drink!”


  • Tyler makes a horrible segue
  • Tyler says a pun
  • Tyler is corrected by someone
  • Tyler forgets his story half-way through
  • Tyler is interrupted by someone


  • Eric says ‘touche’
  • Eric opens a beer on mic
  • Eric talks about Indiana Jones
  • Eric talks about archeology
  • Eric mentions an awkward moment from the guest(s) was recorded

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