Well, 2017 is upon us. Thank Fillion! It was a rough year and now you can reflect with the Gathering as they drink, play games, and hope for a better year next year.

Kevin, Wilt, guest Tatyana, and of course, Eric and Tyler kinda talk about new year, new them and other shit. 2016, we had some good times as a network, but horrible year for almost everything else.



Question of the Week: What is your new year’s resolution and how long do you think it will last?

Game of the Week: Utter Nonsense


This episode is dedicated to Carrie Fisher. Activist, genius, princess, general, and most of all a hero to us all. Thank you for all you have done for mental health, equality, and teaching us that humor is the most important thing. We love you.




The game we played this week is called Utter Nonsense and is available at Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Target, and many other retailers.

For more information check out their website.



Like to drink? We have a drinking game here are the rules! Don’t drink and drive!

When anyone:

  • Someone has two picks of the week
  • Any time someone mentions JJ Abrams
  • ‘Green Lantern’ film is mentioned
  • ‘Dark Knight Rises’ is mentioned
  • “I swear to god” is said
  • Says “Drink!”


  • Tyler makes a horrible segue
  • Tyler says a pun
  • Tyler is corrected by someone
  • Tyler forgets his story half-way through
  • Tyler is interrupted by someone


  • Eric says ‘touche’
  • Eric opens a beer on mic
  • Eric talks about Indiana Jones
  • Eric talks about archeology
  • Eric mentions an awkward moment from the guest(s) was recorded


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