The Gathering has some sorcery brewing on this latest episode that you definitely would want to hear about. This week we learn what a wand maker can conjure up! *Insert another pun*

Now that Tyler can’t come up with more puns, Eric and Tyler are joined by Gatherer Kathryn and special guest Aaron Schwartz, Ollivander’s 9th cousin (thrice removed) from Central Curios!



Question of the Week: What was the one Christmas gift you never got when you were a kid?

Game of the Week: Utter Nonsense





About Central Curios:

I make hand turned and carved wands of various exotic woods, and write original lore and personalities for each piece… I started creating wands for friends just because it was a fun project I could work on, and my friends really enjoyed the results. But after a few wands, I found that I could reach a point of true relaxation in the simplicity of woodworking. I loved the sense of total quiet in the whirring of the lathe and scraping of the wood. Just me and the work, and nothing else matters. I have always enjoyed history and mythology, and as a child of the 90s I grew up with the works of J.K. Rowling. I fell in love with her wand lore, and went through the same research process to create original lore for the exotic woods that I use.

(Via “About” page)

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You can order the wands on Wands start at $45 plus shipping and maybe additional depending on the customizations. Click here to email Aaron for your order or any other inquiries.


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The game we played this week is called Utter Nonsense and is available at Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Target, and many other retailers.

For more information check out their website.



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