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Who What Where’s Why

He is a Filipino-American. He may talk with an accent.  He can be kinda geeky and weird.  He does have a lot of thoughts and ideas. He really just wants to share his own points of view. Check the podcasts on iTunes!

Click here for the main site! The network can be found on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter @albert5x5!


GamerKulture wants to share the love and enthusiasm shared by gamers across the world! We encourage discussion, debate, and the sharing of opinions from every side as we all contribute to the growth of our favorite past time!


Geekdom Fancast

A little podcast hosted by Myke Ladiona and Derek Vigeant about all things television, film, video games, and comics. Mostly the first two things.

They can be found on Facebook, Podomatic, and Twitter @geekdomfancast