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He is a Filipino-American. He may talk with an accent.  He can be kinda geeky and weird.  He does have a lot of thoughts and ideas. He really just wants to share his own points of view. Check the podcasts on iTunes!

Click here for the main site! The network can be found on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter @albert5x5!


GamerKulture wants to share the love and enthusiasm shared by gamers across the world! We encourage discussion, debate, and the sharing of opinions from every side as we all contribute to the growth of our favorite past time!


Geekdom Fancast

Geekdom Fancast

A little podcast hosted by Myke Ladiona and Derek Vigeant about all things television, film, video games, and comics. Mostly the first two things.

They can be found on Facebook, Podomatic, and Twitter @geekdomfancast

Tabletop Takeovers

Board games and beer, bar tops and table tops, bar stools and house rules. Table top takeovers are here to help create epic board game event platforms.

D20 Adventure Realm

Dungeon Masters for hire. We offer public gaming events, custom campaigns for private parties, and Dungeon Master workshops to help improve your games.

We supply the expertise and materials, you bring your imagination.

Japanese Anime Club of CSUF

Japanese Anime Club is committed to bringing people together, to making new friends, having fun, and sharing our hobbies and interests in a safe and friendly environment. We also provide workshops at least twice a month where we teach you different and awesome skills including Cosplay creation, Weapons prop manufacturing, Sewing and needlework, illustration and character design, Bento making, Cosplay Wigs & Make up and so much more!

Extra Life OC Guild

This Guild exists to help heal sick and injured kids by recruiting gamers in the Orange County, California area to join the Extra Life movement. Interested in getting more involved? Introduce yourself on our Guild Forums or check the Calendar to see when and where our next event is taking place. It takes just a moment to join the community and you’ll meet other Extra Lifers in your area with the same passion and desire to help heal sick and injured kids. You’ll also find a wealth of other sections on various topics like gaming, how to maximize your Extra Life participation and thousands of other committed Extra Lifers just like yourself. Join the Facebook group!

Anime for Humanity

Our vision is about so much more than just raising awareness about mental health. We believe that Anime give us an opportunity to move people from silence to honesty, from isolation to community, from pain to hope and help.

We believe hosting panels, attending conventions and community gatherings gives us an opportunity to hand out local resources to someone looking for help and start conversations that spark change, and challenge the stigma of mental health.