Welcome back to Another Fireside Chat…with three Assholes!

Well, we talked about Austin Powers last time so I guess it’s only fair to discuss parodies as a whole. As with most episodes of the Fireside Chat we tend to start with a lofty goal, in this case discussing the merits of parody as a genre, and then digress into generally geeking out about whatever topic we get into. On that subject I’ll be uploading another part of this conversation that specifically focus on a gag from Scary Movie 4 and┬áThe Emperor’s New Groove. Have any idea what it is?

We don’t plug the beer that we drink enough, so I wanted to shout out to Epic Brewing Company and their Son of a Baptist Stout. Seriously, it’s fan-damn-tastic. Grab a six-pack and relax, or start working since it’s got caffeine in it. I know my favorite way to drink coffee is for it to actually be beer.

Let the games begin! Okay, now go back and say that in your best Doug Benson impression.


Cast and Crew:

Eric Durham

Tim Stapenhorst

Tyler McPhail

Edited by Aelynn Durham

Directed and Produced by Eric Durham