It’s time for Another Fireside Chat…With Three Assholes talking about SPIES!

Hell yeah! Spy movies! Who doesn’t love spy movies? Maybe ex-KGB agents, I suppose. Screw them. Spy movies are awesome. Anyway. We’re talking about spy movies because it’s been 20 years since Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery came out. Now that’s a cause to celebrate. Specifically today we’re discussing our favorite spy movies, though we do bend the format just a little bit in a few cases. So join Tim, Tyler, and Eric with Another Fireside Chat…

Thanks for watching. Fireside Chat comes out every other Friday, alternating with The Gathering Podcast. It also stars the team from Drink ‘n Dragons (thus all the craft beer). If you have an idea you’d like to see us talk about, leave a comment and let us know.

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Cast and Crew:

Eric Durham

Tim Stapenhorst

Tyler McPhail

Edited by Aelynn Durham

Directed and Produced by Eric Durham