Once upon a time we had a regular segment on The Gathering called the Fireside Chat. We got the idea (and the name) from FDR and used it to highlight something awesome and good within geek culture. Just fun things that were making the world a brighter place. Well, after an 80 (ish) week break, we’re happy to bring back the Fireside Chat in a new fashion. Now instead of one of us simply reading a happy news story, you’re going to get Tim, Tyler, and Eric discussing whatever random topic they decide is most important to them at the time.

The show will be coming to you every other week (in the off weeks from The Gathering, if you were wondering) and will feature nerd fights, random musings, drinking craft beer (they host Drink ‘n Dragons after all), and most likely a significant amount of profanity.

Enough of that, sit back and enjoy another Fireside Chat…with 3 assholes.

If you’ve got a topic that you want to see covered, let us know. Otherwise we’ll just keep shouting about whatever it is we feel like shouting about.

Cast and Crew:

Eric Durham

Tim Stapenhorst

Tyler McPhail

Directed and Produced by Eric Durham

Edited by Aelynn Durham