It’s finally here, our first scripted series, “Fangirls! +boy”

It’s been a long road to get here, but we’re happy to present you 8 episodes of Diana, Jessica, and Skyler’s adventures in living together as geeks.

You might recognize Jessica and Diana from their series #PopNerd  where they would breakdown upcoming films for you, now it’s time to for you to  see how they live on daily basis. They still make the show in the background, but here we’ll focus on how these fiercely opinionated ladies live and breathe.

Also introducing their third roommate, Skyler (because who can afford an apartment in California without having multiple roommates, right?), the three of them work through the little things like pronunciations and the big things, like ghosts…

Here’s whole 8-episode season, dig in:



Outro music: Poppies by RoleMusic

Special thanks to Tori Gaines, Aelynn Durham, and Zackary Salene for starring in this fun project. Also thank you to the invaluable crew of Nikki VanBroekhuizen, Alex Nye, and Torrie Goedtel for keeping everything working behind the camera. Finally, thank you to the writing and directing talent of Tim Stapenhorst. Without all of you, this wouldn’t have been possible.

Also, I can’t leave out thanking Tyler McPhail for being out of town and letting me steal his apartment for two days.