This Monday, Netflix announced a five-day, online free event called Geeked Week, and if you love fantasy or sci-fi, you should be excited!

We’re not just saying that because the word “geek” is in the title, by the way.  Running from June 7th to June 11th, Geeked Week has all the makings of an online convention.  Self-described as a “free virtual event full of big news, exciting first looks and more from the creators who make the shows and films you love on Netflix,” it promises “exclusive news, new trailers, live art, [and] drop-ins from your favorite stars.”

If you’re a Netflix aficionado, then you’ve probably already been dying for news about the second season of The Witcher, which is “deep” in post-production according to showrunner Lauren Hissrich.  That means we can expect a release date for it any day now.  If the Geeked Week poster is anything to go off of, this event will finally give us the deets we crave.

Based on the poster above, we’ll get some news about other various comic book-inspired shows like Umbrella Academy, whose third season is currently in production but has no official release date… yet.  Since it’s still filming, it’s unlikely we’ll get a firm date for Umbrella Academy, but we might at least get a look at the timeline for season three’s completion.

And, hopefully, we’ll also get a release date for the second half of season 5 of Lucifer, and maybe even some news about the sixth and final season (which is confirmed to have 10 episodes).

Other franchises to be excited about?  The poster released by Netflix mentions Sweet Tooth, the film adaption of the DC Comic, produced by Susan Downey, as well as the live-action adaptation of Cowboy Bebop.  There’s no trailer yet for Cowboy Bebop so we’re hoping to see that during Geeked Week.  Sweet Tooth’s trailer has been released, though, and you can watch it below:

Other franchises we can expect to be highlighted during Geeked Week include Resident Evil, The Sandman, The Cuphead Show, and Masters of the Universe: Revelation (the newest reboot of He-Man by Kevin Smith).

It’s unclear about which Resident Evil Netflix is talking about, because there are actually two different Resident Evil productions in the works.  One is Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, an animated series, for which the trailer has already been released.  (You can watch it below.)  The other Resident Evil is a live-action series, announced in August of 2020, which we know virtually nothing about.  It’s possible we’ll get news about casting during Geeked Week!

Conspicuously absent from the poster and social media is any mention of Netflix hit Stranger Things, whose fourth season was announced back in September of 2019.  (Completely unfounded prediction?  They might finally tell us.  Keep your fingers crossed.)  There’s also no mention of which stars are going to pop in, though we expect Netflix will start dropping names as we get closer to June 7th.

Geeked Week’s decision to run from June 7th to June 11th is pretty impeccable timing, because following right on its heels (but, happily, not overlapping) is the all-virtual 2021 E3 convention, which runs June 12th to June 15th.  The timing probably isn’t a coincidence.  A recent report by The Information mentioned that Netflix is hiring executive(s) in the game industry to oversee an expansion into the gaming industry, and a statement released to GameSpot confirmed an interest in more “interactive entertainment.”  And we can’t help but notice that “gaming” is one the categories of interest listed on the Geeked Week poster.

One other item of note?  Netflix is calling this event launch its “first-ever” Geeked Week, indicating that it might have plans for more Geeked Weeks in the future.

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