Sorry for my absence, I’ve been out of the country on vacation for the last few weeks. I know that I said that I would probably fail to watch a movie a day while I was in Ireland (since I would have better things to be doing), but I prevailed! Despite crappy wifi, and more than enough alcohol, I managed to keep it up and continue to watch a movie a day.

Between my day job, everything I have to stay on top of with The Gathering, and the rest of my life, it’s getting really difficult to devote 90+ minutes a day on watching a movie. I might throw one just to get some work done or get some more sleep.

Anyway, here we go, three weeks in one post.



I picked this because after Suicide Squad failed to make me happy, I really wanted to watch a solid David Ayer film. That’s exactly what I got with Dark Blue. Kurt Russell is great playing a character that you want to like despite all of his MANY character flaws. Ving Rhames get second billing, despite playing a character with the personality of a brick wall. The movie is good, despite what you may think of its Rotten Tomatoes score, it’s a fantastic character-driven story. It takes place during the Rodney King riots which I personally think was a strange choice. The riots play into the story only loosely. Without them, it could easily have been made as a contemporary piece (can the 90s be considered period?). We’ll see a historical piece used for exploitation again a little later on this list.


I was looking for something fun and the cast of this movie caught my eye. I mean, come on. Burt Reynolds, Richard Dreyfuss, Carrie-Anne Moss, and Jeremy Piven? You had me at fuckin’ hello. The movie is a comedy of errors that follows a group of retired wise guys who have retired to Florida. In order to keep from being priced out of their apartment (really an extended stay hotel room), they grab a cadaver and fake a gruesome murder in the lobby. All the yuppies promptly flee and life seems good. Until it’s revealed that the cadaver was actually the father of a local drug kingpin. It ends with a geriatric commando raid on a boat in the harbor. Sure the movie was never going to win any awards, but not everything needs to be an oscar contender. It’s silly fun.


Throwing it back to 1947 for this one. I stumbled across this film when digging into some film noir blogs. It’s really not that great of a movie (nominated for an oscar for Sound Design), but if you don’t mind the pacing of older movies it’s not so bad. It follows a pair of undercover Treasury Men (T-Men) going after a counterfeiting ring. It actually ends much bleaker than you would see the same movie end today. It would be like if instead of Sean Connery dying in The Untouchables it had been Kevin Costner. The real legacy of this movie is Dennis O’Keefe was given his role in Raw Deal because of his performance here, and that’s a movie that’s definitely worth watching.


Okay, I’ve got a lot more of these to go, so some of these descriptions are going to get super brief. This was a good character piece, but honestly was not as funny as I thought it was going to be. I really shouldn’t be surprised, and it’s still good, but personally it was a little disappointing.


This was an airplane movie, and that’s a good thing because it means I didn’t pay for it (though you could argue that the price of a transatlantic flight includes new release movies). Not great, not even as good as the original.


This was what I watched late one night in a Dublin hotel. I had staggered in after closing a pub so this was serendipitous: I needed a movie I’d seen because I couldn’t comprehend a new plot. This movie is always great, though it surprises me literally ever time when Bill Pullman walks through the door.


This was and wasn’t the movie I expected. Sherlock is old and is suffering from memory loss, which is a great premise. What does the master detective do when he can’t remember where he parked? The overall story of the film is rather plain, but it’s worth watching just for Ian McKellan…though I can’t think of a movie of his where that isn’t the case. Scratch that, skip the Hobbit movies. All of them. Watch this instead.


It should be no secret to anyone who follows my movies that I like to watch bad movies. I try to find the good in them, but I have a soft spot for lousy action movies. This movie however, is the lousiest. They reuse sound effects almost constantly, the actors speak their lines while having their mouths full of ‘vampire’ teeth caps which makes them sound like Marlon Brando in The Godfather, and the plot is atrocious. In fact, the only thing that keeps viewer interest is the amount of boobs. Boobs everywhere. Plot nowhere.


I’m going to disagree with Tim here. It seems like he wanted a movie that goes more into the subtleties of being a Holocaust surviver and didn’t like that it features so remotely into the events of the film, but that’s not what this movie is about. The point that Christopher Plummer is a survivor is important. The point that he’s hunting down the Nazi that ran Auschwitz and who he blames for the deaths of his family is important. That’s where the importance of the Holocaust in regards to this movie ends. Now it’s a revenge story starring a man with dementia. That’s the hook. He takes a nap and doesn’t remember where he is when he wakes up, but he has a gun and a letter about what he needs to do. I thoroughly enjoyed it.


I don’t understand why I love action movies, but don’t really love Jason Statham. It feels like this movie should be exactly the kind of film that I come home from work and put on just to destress, but it isn’t. In fact, the bad dialogue stressed me out more.


I…I…I don’t know what this was. Was it a long dream sequence? How did they score Nick Cave and convince him to dye his hair like Billy Idol? Were they just shoes or were they some cursed object that forced an incomplete personality upon already incomplete personalities? Skip this one. The only value is Brad Pitt’s hair. Fuckin’ Johnny Bravo.


The practical effects in this movie are brilliant. Also the foley artists are geniuses. Terrible, gross, creepy geniuses. Watch this movie, then rewatch it, then wait a few years and watch it again, repeat ad infinitum.


Anna Kendrick is less than awesome in this movie, she’s still fun, but she’s just kinda…Anna Kendrick. You know? That said, Sam Rockwell kills it. Seriously knocks it out of the park. This movie has some of the best comedic-action scenes I’ve seen in years. Also it has a good knife fight! That’s a seriously rarity in Hollywood these days. Watch this movie.


Meh. You saw the trailers, you know what the movie’s about. It progresses exactly how you think it would. It’s cool getting to see George Clooney play a role with some vulnerability, but it isn’t anything to write home about. Watch it if you really want to, otherwise pick a different movie.


I went in expecting something that was more Master and Commander and I got a movie that was more Castaway. It’s beautiful, but it’s not awesome.


Screw Jason Statham, JCVD is king. Dude gets his kidney stolen, gets high as shit on morphine, and then goes on a rampage because he wants his kidney back. A million times, yes. If only Bloodsport had this production level.


Okay…I feel like I have some explaining to do. Ever since the MCU started killing it, I’ve been thinking about where other Super Hero movies failed. I remember watching this as a kid, but couldn’t remember anything about it. I must have blocked it out. The makeup for Skeleton is actually not terrible, though it definitely pales in comparison to Red Skull and the miracle of CG. Unless you have a similar morbid sense of curiousity as I do, skip this movie.


This was a throwaway. Batman vs Dracula. Tyler spoke highly of this version of Batman and I’ll admit, it’s a fun Batman. Also this movie does some things that Batman: The Animated Series probably couldn’t have gotten away with. If you’re a fan of animated Batman, this one’s for you.


My wife has been telling me about this movie for years and we finally sat down and watched it together. This is definitely a RomCom that I’ll revisit sometime. Everything is so wonderfully over the top. I may not be a fan of Renee Zellweger, but Ewan McGregor and David Hyde Pierce more than make up for that.


A loan from Tyler. If you like Dragonball Z, this is a hit. If you don’t, I question why you picked up the box.


This is one I’ve been looking forward to watching for some time. Good Westerns are hard to find and the cast on this one made it seem like it was a shoe-in for that title. It’s dark, but it ends much happier than I would have liked, but I’m bitter. Watch this is you’re a fan of classic Westerns.